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Batman Assignment: Penguin Psychoanalysis

No description

Julie Erhart

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Batman Assignment: Penguin Psychoanalysis

Psychology Assignment Penguin Psychoanalysis (subconscious mind) Psychoanalytic Why The Penguin surrounds himself
with clowns and penguins. Through out the movie "Batman Returns" the character "the Penguin" constantly keeps a "extended family" of circus freaks and penguins. Using Sigmund Freuds theory it is possible to explain his unusual attachment towards his "family". Subcontiously The Penguin is drawn to people and or creatures, more "like" himself. This is a result to repressed memories of neglect from his biological family, so the Penguin attempts to fulfill his need for acceptance that he never received as a child. The penguin dreams of being a "respected monster" which proves his longing to be "normal". ( response to stimulus ) Behavioural At the beginning of the movie The penguin was born obviously unattractive, because of this he was kept locked up and unseen. From the point of view of Ivan Pavlov, it is a response to being caged and mistreated that he continued to isolate himself further. Spending his early years deserted living undergrounds in the sewers was the Penguins responsive behavior was he was led to believe this is how he was supposed to act. He was punishing himself for his abandonment because this was all he knew.With his childhood seclusion as a stimulus he responds by withdrawal from society and remained unpredictable when dealing with social situations. ( Decisions/ Self controlled ) Humanistic Why The Penguin chose to redeem his birth right ( Proses info. / Thinking ) Cognitive Why The Penguin acts like an animal
instead of a human being ( Genetics / Physiological makeup ) Biological ( Socioeconomic status / Culture, Gender, Ethnicity ) Sociocultural Julie Erhart why The penguin continued
living in the serer During the movie the Penguin comments on "redeeming his birth right" using Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers theory, the choices behind his decision to become a "hero" can be explained. The Penguin was very abused as a child, His negative childhood memories persuade him to prove his worth, not only for his parents but for himself. Always set apart as an outcast the penguin selfishly attempts to become accepted. He deceives the people of Gotham city, In an effort for attention he never received growing up. Growing up the penguin was not surrounded by civilization, he was raised by penguins. His way of thinking would be altered to what he would learn from the animals. His thought proses is much like that of an animal with how he responds to people and other animals.Jean Piagets theory proves that the reason behind the penguins behavior is because he learned his perception, expectations and mannerisms from penguins. Why The Penguin is aggressive why The Penguin wants revenge Born with Physical abnormalities because of possible alcoholic parents, The Penguin was kept hidden. His isolation could have caused a possible curve in mental and social development causing his brain to be more "primitive". With these defects it is easy to say the Penguin would not be able to control his Violent and aggressive impulses. During the movie the penguin often throws fits and acts on anger without thinking rationally, also he states inappropriate remarks suggesting sexual provocation which all suggests he has an un-evolved mind. The Penguin being discarded from society, became very socially unrefined.This causes him to be excluded from the public. Because people who are socially excluded are vulnerable, some may assert themselves or to push back in inappropriate ways. The Penguin dose not know what is socially exeptable worsening his outcast. Because of his misfortune and unhappiness the Penguin acts out violently, feeling as though others should have to go through the same adversity as him.
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