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Luis Santiago

on 5 November 2016

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Transcript of Events

Pressing Aspects in Events
There are different types of events that require certain planning aspects. We will be talking about:
Equipment for Concerts
Decor for Weddings
Necessities for Festivals
Security at Sporting Events

Wedding Decor
What to ALWAYS consider when planning a concert...
Security at Sporting Events
By: Anthony Bartolini, Luis Santiago, Suyin Carreno, and Danielle Petitbois
Security at sporting events is a necessity due to issues in the past.
There has been issues where fans have fought with the athletes and have physically hit them. This should not happen because the athletes are just trying to give the fans a good game to watch.
Fans have fought with other fans as well during games and that is why security is hired. They are there to stop fights and possible riots.
Albanian forward Bekim Balaj is struck by a fan with a chair in the middle of a game
Athletes even fight each other sometimes which is another reason why security is hired.
NFL players go toe-to-toe in the middle of a game

NBA players throw down during games
Gerald Williams and Pedro Martinez argue and fight in the middle of a baseball game on November 6, 2013 causing both benches to clear and get into a brawl
Reasons for Higher Security
April 15,2013 in Boston two pressure cooked bombs went off at an annual marathon which resulted in 3 deaths and over 264 injuries. The bombs exploded 12 seconds apart and 210 yards away from the finish line.
Other tragedies have happened at sporting events where secuirty was needed to keep everyone calm and keep the situation organized
On November 19, 2004 a brawl broke out at a Pistons VS. Pacers basketball game. With less than a minute left in the game a fight broke out between two players on the court. After it was broken up and settled a fan threw a drink at Ron Artest while he was leaning on the scorers table. Artest then ran into the crowd and started a brawl with the fans and players. After this incident the NBA suspended 9 players for a total of 146 games which led to $11 million in salary being lost by the players. Five players were also charged with assault, and eventually sentenced to a year of probation and community service. Five fans also faced criminal charges and were banned from attending Pistons home games for life. The fight also led the NBA to increase security between players and fans, and to limit the sale of alcohol.
Indoor decor
Color Trends
Outdoor Weddings
Indoor Weddings
Best Color Trends
Best Wedding Decoration Trends
Wedding dressed trends
Hair Styles
Out Door Decor
Wedding Decoration Trends
New Color Trends: off white, white, light blue, purple, sea green etc. have replaced traditional red colors.

New Flower Trend:
White Rose

Ceiling Drapes

The BEACH has become one of the leading outdoor points for this purpose. The wedding arrangements on beaches need to be decorated in such a way that may add more beauty in the peaceful surroundings. Scattering rose petals on the entire pathway look so amazing. The beach wedding decorations can also have stylish stage decorations full of lovely flowers.

Outdoor Decor
Elaborate staging…
full of fine rose decorations go best with the pathways’ decorations.

Wedding Decoration Trends
3. For the entertainment of the guests -use photo booths, candy buffets and games.
(Wedding Shoe Game - DJ asks questions such as "who is the first to go to sleep at night".
The bride and groom raise shoe for who they think it is.)

4.For adding the romantic feel in the wedding decorations you can bring the flavors of drop-waist, narrow dresses, beaded hair ornaments, blushes and champagnes for colors, large candlesticks and luscious flower arrangements, server-passed appetizers and plated dinners.
Latest Hair styles
Latest Wedding Bouquets Trends
2. The use of old suitcases to hold greeting cards or for decoration, lanterns, smallish wheelbarrows or wagons to hold gifts or beverages, grandparents’ cake top or cake cutting knife, and much more.
Use bright colors with straws
and stripes.

1.) Usage of mason jars for drinking or flower vases or with Burlap and twine for decorations

Elaborate Stagging

You can even select with the floor length dresses with open back and combinations of soft fabrics such as lace, chiffon and organza.

Latest Wedding Dresses Trends

In the wedding hairstyle trends you can make the choice of loosely done waves ,super chic bobs
are popular styles in the company of flowers, hairpins and fascinators are popular accessories.

You can think about adding with the beads and brooches, crystals and feathers all along with the flower, hydrangeas, peonies and orchids that are also very popular.

In the wedding bouquets you can make the use of flowers gathered together and wrapped in wide satin ribbon.
Cobalt Blue

Royal Blue

Navy Blue

Tiffany Blue




Radiant orchid







Rosy Pink

Mauve Rose



Stage Setup
Selective Visibility
Revelation of form
Location and time of day
Projection/stage elements
Plot (script)
What to consider when choosing lighting:
The stage setup is done to WOW the guest, the stage must also be setup properly so that there wont be any trageties with the stage.

Lighting is used to ENHANCE the setup. The lighting is used to pull all of the aspects of the stage together, it also is used to make the guest nights memorable.
Theatre in the round.
Thrust Stage
The Picture Frame
Always make sure everything is secure.
Technical Difficulties Can Lead to Secuirty Needs

Super Bowl XLVII the stadium went dark with 13:22 left in the third quarter of the game. Security is proviuded for situations like this as well as violence. They must keep everyone safe and calm. A lot of bad scenarios could have happened if security was not on the scene but since they were nothing tragic happened besides the 49ers losing the SuperBowl.
Cake Decor
Broncos fan gets arrested for fighting a chargers fan at a football game.
Metallic Cakes

Metallics are big for stationery, and for wedding cakes as well. It is more of a stylized glam, art-deco, old-Hollywood look. They can adapt to any style; delicate embroidery in gold feels opulent while geometric shapes give off a fresh, modern feel. If an entire tier is too much glitz for you, consider adding a little sparkle all over. Fine edible glitter (think: pixie dust) can add a decorative sheen to your cake without overpowering the whole design.

Responsibilities as a Security Guard
Crowd Control
Evacuation Planning
Access Control
First Aid
Traffic and Parking Enforcement
Fire Watch
Escort Services
Metal Detector Operation

Planning a festival can be an undertaker. It requieres a lot of planning and help. It is important to ask yourself:
Organizing a festival requires following different rules that we may not even know about. For example:
Application procedure
Noise ordenances
Odor ordenances
Liquor ordenances
Permits for special events
Food Licences
Safety & Emergency services

Noise, Odor and liquor ordenances requirements are different by states. Either way, is really important to always look into the requirements this laws dictate.
Permits for special events:
Safety & emergency services:
A security plan has to be prepared in every festival that is being presented. It shall be prepared by the event producer in consultation with the Special Events Department of the State and in some cases with the Police Department.
Depending on the type of event and the estimated attendance off-duty or private fire rescue personnel is required.
General regulations:
a minimun of 1 paramedic for up to 1,000 people
2 paramedic for up to 5,000 people
rescue unit for up to 10,000 people.
However, the final decicion for the minimun of fire rescue/prevention personnel will be determined by the City's Fire Chief.
Event producers of a festival are required to present a full propasal/plan of the activity to potentially impacted neighborhood associations and to the appropriate City departments. This process is to evaluate and assess the City’s resources both in terms of personnel and use use of public property and right-of-ways, to adequately protect the public safety, health and welfare of the community.

Cost of off-duty police personnel is dependent on the number and rank required.
General rules:
if 4 or more officers are required, one must be a supervisor (sergeant or above).
Food Services
Permit for Temporary Food Sales - The Miami-Dade County Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Division of Hotels & Restaurants, sets forth rules and regulations for safe operation of temporary food service establishments. To obtain the necessary permits, sponsors or applicants must notify the Department of Business and Professional Regulations no later than three (3) business days prior to the event. A license fee for a 1-3 day event is $40.00 per vendor.
Requirements may vary for each state.
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