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Celine Co-op

No description

Louis Ortega

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Celine Co-op

Company Overview
Established in 1945
by Celine Vipiana.
Company business consists of
luxury leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories
Their mission is to offer
functional clothes
with a particular
focus on materials and subtle tailoring
Surprising to some, American fashion designer
Michael Kors
was named the
first ever
women's ready-to-wear designer and Creative Director for Celine in 1997. After many failed successors (and to much praise) Phoebe Philo was appointed Creative Director of Celine in 2008 by Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH.
Transformed by Philo's
understated refinement
Has become one of the worlds
leading luxury design houses
and one of the
most celebrated and copied
fashion brands
Exceptional results on a financial scale by having
doubled revenues
in the past three years surpassing $400 million dollars
Philo has managed to present a
truly original and fresh
She is the one to follow as she
sets the tone, the trends, and the looks
that others will covet and copy for seasons to come.
Target Customer
Identify with what Celine represents—an
elegant, minimalist, modern, and chic lifestyle
varying group

Different but with
common appreciation

Upper class
Higher education
Ages 25-60 (average of 42)
Median household income of $100,000
Live in
modern cities with professions
SS 2013
by the presence of a
few global players
, and a large number of
smaller independent players
Faces intense competition from within the LVMH Group from
Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Marc Jacobs
, etc
From Kering, the major competitor to LVMH,
Celine faces strong competition from
which exudes a similarly timeless
and chic aesthetic
My Title
Sales Assistant
General clerical work as well as client transactions and
client database
Back of house responsibilities include
inventory control, transfers of merchandise, operations management,
repair management
Operations and Stock
Both departments work in sync in order to better handle
Quality Management, After Sales,
managing of merchandise, etc
Learning Objectives:

I will work closely with Gabriel Tate, Operations Manager at Celine, on
repairing damaged merchandise
I will
learn the proper way of
dealing with damaged merchandise and appropriate ways of
handling client issues
I will
contribute ideas
to help
simplify the process
of managing repairs and create a solidified plan for getting repairs completed in a timely manner.
Learning Objectives:

: I will work closely with Tony Lupinacci, Assistant Manager at Celine, on taking a more hands-on approach when it comes to on-boarding new employees.
: I will deem myself responsible for teaching new employees the proper ways of preparing cash deposits at the end of the day as well as handling cash transactions, proper client approach, and database management, etc.
: I will teach new employees to work smarter and in a clean, concise, and organized manner in a sometimes chaotic and time-sensitive environment.

Learning Objectives:

: I will spearhead a new and innovative way of dealing with After-Sales Services and Quality Management.
: I will work with Gabriel Tate, Operations Manager, to pioneer a standard of handling After-Sales repairs.
: I will aid in the creation of a system to consolidate client repairs and refurbishments.
SS 2014
SS 2013
SS 2013
SS 2014
Time Management
Unexpected Occurrences

Knowledge Gained
Shown Value
SS 2013
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