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Sample Problem Prezi

No description

Mena Dedmon

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Sample Problem Prezi

Define the Problem
(goal: define and focus on your chosen problem; use credible sources)
(Goal: acknowledge the other side - and explain why it's wrong)
Many would argue that you are getting two different products - one from the tap and the from a bottle. So, it's not just about cost. According to www.bottledwater.org, bottled water - even when it comes from town water supplies (tap water) - is processed "to ensure that it meets the purified or sterile standard of the U.S. Pharmacopeia 23rd Revision." However, the idea that tap water itself isn't pure or safe, is grossly exaggerated - and the added cost to the environment makes it not worth it.
Preview the Solution
Many bottling companies have exploited local laws in order to turn as big of a profit as they can. Since they have manipulated facts and data about water availability and safety and have convinced consumers that they need to buy their water bottled (rather than get it from the tap) the solution is simple: Americans need to stop buying bottled water.
If we refill reuseable water bottles,
they will save money, reduce pollution, and increase their health by not exposing themselves to harmful chemicals.
Title and Name
Why we should ditch bottled water and drink from the tap...
by Mena Dedmon

Introduction (provide a narrative, true life story, or scenario that shows the problem.)
Purpose: engage the audience.
Cost of water from the tap:
On averate, about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. (Water from the tap costs consumers less than a penny a gallon.)
Imagine if a giant company somehow figured out how to gather up the oxygen in our atmosphere. Then instead of sharing it, the company sold it back to us while they made billions of dollars? What if we had to pay to breathe?
Well, companies like Pepsi, Nestle, and CocaCola are making billions of dollars by making us pay for our water.
Problem: Companies like Nestle, CocaCola, and Pepsi have funded massive marketing campaigns and convinced consumers that we need to buy our water bottled rather than just drink it from the tap. This means that most Americans are spending more money on water than they do on gasoline. They also are throwing away tons of plastic that is polluting the oceans.

When buying in bulk, a gallon of water (bottled) costs an average of $1.22 per gallon. However, that's not how Americans tend to buy their water. We buy it in single-serve containers.
Chief Strategist Mark Colas said: "If we take into account the fact that almost 2/3 of all bottled water sales are single 16.9oz (500 mL) bottles, though, this cost is much, much higher: about $7.50 per gallon, according to the American Water Works Association. That’s almost 2,000x the cost of a gallon of tap water and twice the cost of a gallon of regular gasoline."

Average Cost of Bottled Water:
Insert at least one image or video in your presentation. Include a citation!
(Goal: explain to audience what you would do about it)
Include statistics and/or specific facts in your presentation.
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