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Science Fair

Prezi For Science Fair

Matt Cunningham

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of Science Fair

Wireless Mouse Operating Range My Project is about wireless mice. I choose this project because I had this computer along with a wireless mouse and I wanted to see how far away a wireless mouse could work, and for added touch, how well they would work with a material in front of it. I thought that different materiels might decreace the range that the mouse would work. I found that, after testing the varibles at different 1/2m. distances, that wood(or paper) seemed to increace the distance over the base(without variable). The experiment was fairly simple, and it was also easy.
Overall, i consider it a valuble experience, and a fun one too. My dad and my brother helped me set up and take care of testing in roughly an hour, give or take. Thats all, I'm afraid... I have concluded that my hypothesis was correct because, when I was testing, the aluminum foil and plastic wrap dcreaced the range of the transmitter. I think then, that my hypothesis was correct. I think that this might help you in the real world because you might be the head of a meeting and there was no room bw the coputer, so you moved and there was somthing in the way. This test would tell you how to ovoid the decracing range materials. When you are done, please cycle the back arrow until you get back to te start, this will allow other people to see the whole thin, thanks.
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