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Teaching Growth Mindset

No description

Candice Simon

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Teaching Growth Mindset

Teaching Growth Mindset
Given a set of materials, teachers will
themselves to teach growth mindset by collaborating in small groups to create a lesson plan that
Growth v. Fixed Mindset Sort
Lesson Plan Sample
Lesson Plan Creation
Lesson Plan Share
Wrapping It Up

Do Now: Growth and Fixed Mindset Sort
- Fixed and growth mindset sheets (blue)
- Fixed and growth mindset statement strips

1. Read all mindset statement strips
2. Determine if the statements represent a growth or fixed mindset
I know what to teach!

Share Your Ideas
Each group has 5 minutes to present their lesson to the group.
Everyone else records notes in the graphic organizer.
Resources, resources, resources...
Each group will use the materials provided to create a lesson plan
Be ready to present to the group!
Create 5 groups
All groups should have no more than 2 of the same color shirt
It's exit ticket time!
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