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News Report-dead gray whale filled with garbage

Maria Schaefer

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 4/20/10

News Report-Dead Gray Whale Filled With Garbage Reaserchers say that the gray whale was filled with small towels, plastic bags, sweatpants, surgical gloves, a golf ball, and small bits of plastic! Sientists say that the junk
didn't kill the whale and the cuase of the death is still unknown. A family in california first saw the
dead Gray Whale on the beach. This is telling us that we should
really clean up our oceans and put our trash in the garbage! There should be more places at the beach or on the shore to throw our trash away so that we don't thow our trash into the water. This is what is making polution in the water and what is hurting the sea life and animals. Even if the garbage didn't
kill the gray whale, this is still a sign that the animals eat all of the garbage that we litter on the ground and in the water. That is wrong of us and not good for them. Animals are nat safe any more with our garbage, they need better care!
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