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Political Geography

No description

Megan Paredes

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Political Geography

Political Geography
State sovereignty
microstates city-state
colony colonialism
imperialism boundary
compact state prorupted-state
Fragmented state perforated state
landlocked state frontier

Problems of Defining States
-Antarctica's land and the Treaty of Antarctica
*Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, and UK
-North VS South Korea
* Was divided after the defeat of Japan, South is stronger, North has nuclear weapons.
-China Vs Taiwan
* after their lose of a nationalist leader people fled to Taiwan.
Microstates- smallest is Manaco in UN
Development of the State Concept
-------------Ancient States-------------- Traced back to the Fertile Crescent
* were evolved in city-state
-European states- Egyptian Empire then the Roman Empire (collapsed in the 5th century)
*had massive walls to protect themselves
- tied to another state
*colonialism- GGG

Shapes of States
Five basic Shapes

Compact States

Prorupted States

Elongated states

Fragmented states

Perforated states

*Landlocked states

Types of Boundaries
- Frontier this were no state exercises complete political power.
-----------Physical Boundaries---------
-Mountain Boundaries
-Desert Boundaries
-Water Boundaries
----------Cultural Boundaries----------
-Geometric Boundaries
-Religious Boundaries
-Languages Boundaries

Cooperation Between States
The United Nations is a international organization which was first founded after WWII to prevent another world war
Currently it has 192 members
Is made up of different councils but the strongest i the security council which includes the U.S, France, China, Russia and the UK
Political & Military
Regional Military Alliances
NATO- a organization of pro democracy countries led by the U.S and the U.K. The Soviet Union was their counterpart and was known as the Warshaw Pact until the fall of the Union.
OAS (Organization of American States)- promotes unity of Western Hemisphere states and includes all 35 sates except for Cuba.
European Union- unites European countries economically, creates free trade and has one type of currency (Euro)
NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agency)- established on January 1, 1994, this includes the three sates of U.S, Canada, and Mexico, and regulates trade, but it is controveasil in American politics
Defined as the systematic use of violence by a group in order to intimidate a population or goverment into granting their demands
Extreme fundamentalist ideas of Islam
They were founded by Osama Bin Laden
They were responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center
Amount of members is unknown but its estimated to be around 20,000
Translated, it means "the base" or "foundation"
State Support for Terrorism
Give support by.....
1. Providing sanctuary
2. Supplying weapons, money & intelligence
3. Planiing attacks
After dethroning the king, Muammer Al-Quddiafi took power and established a military coup
Quddiafi has been know to supply money
Bombed night club in Berlin
Bombed Pan Am flight 103
Al-Queda stronghold
Taliban also located there
Major activity to stop terrorists by the Untited Nations began in 1980's
Saddam Hussein used terrorists to keep him in power and to ethic cleanse Iraq from minority groups like the Kurds.
When Pressident Mahmound Ahmadinejah came into power he anted Iran to become a nuclear power
Heavy fighting and protest made this area very dangergous
The End
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