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Mobile Technologies in Education - The iPad

No description

Corrie Barclay

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Mobile Technologies in Education - The iPad

Corrie Barclay
eLearning Coordinator
Manor Lakes
P-12 College
4 Learning Trial
Mid 2010 - End 2011
"An Australian first, our iPads for Learning trial
will examine the impact iPads have on our
students’ learning at home and at school,
as well as how iPads can benefit and transform
teaching practice."
Our Yr 6 Cohort, 108 students + 10 iPads in our Specialist Learning Centre
As part of the trial, over 700 iPads have been distributed to students at nine selected schools and the Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute.
The Trial & Us...
What was the fascination?
What were they good for?
Would parents be supportive?
What could we use them for?
Would they improve student learning?
Would they assist teaching?
Where in the Curriculum would they benefit?
The Connected Learner
The Unconnected Learner
For Teachers...
and Students.
Tools of the Trade
What We Like
That an iPad can...

play movies, display images, browse the web, run ‘app's’,
be used as an eBook...
That an iPad is:

small in size,
easy to use,
student friendly,
a companion device
The BIG Three!
iBook can store hundreds of books on
hand, without lifting a finger...
Students can easily control the font size, font-type, and brightness of all eBooks...
Students can easily flip pages with a simple tap or swipe of the finger...
Students have the ability to locate information via digital literacies and rich media anytime, anywhere
DEECD iPads 4 Learning iPad Applications
Learning Task Design
Learning Opportunities
What learning opportunities are possible on the iPad?
How do we cater for various needs?
In our planning we think about the following:
Learning intention - what will we learn about?
The task - what are the tasks?
Evidence of learning - what can we demonstrate to show that our learning hasbeen successful?
Resources - what resources we need?
How can we use the iPad/technology as a tool to assist learning?
What has been the impact of iPads on students, teachers and parents involved in the trial?

What capacity does the iPad have to enhance teaching and learning within and beyond the classroom?

What evidence is there of improvement in student learning that can be attributed to or associated with the use of iPads?
To continue to investigate the
use of the iPads as a Teaching
Tool ratherthan just a
learning one...
To place a greater focus on
Digital Literacies, especially in
the Early Years (eBooks, iBook
Author Creation,)
To encourage greater
student collaboration
To utilise the device as
a 'true' piece of mobile
technology to foster
anywhere, anytime
To develop strategies to
better use the iPad as a
tool for Inquiry and CBL (Challenge Based Learning)
To arrive at the point where using the iPad as a mobile device becomes the norm, it is not unique
Twitter: @CorrieB

iPads 4 Learning
Student Perceptions
Hit's and Misses
The device is a tool to assist learning and teaching
Differentiation occurs through giving students choice
What our teaching staff
have discovered
That online collaboration becomes more puposeful and meaningful
App-iness: iPads and their use in the classroom
Authentic learning occurs when students create, not just consume
Teachers need to take risks when embedding new technology
Where are we now?
1:1 iPad Programs in Prep, 1, 6, 7, 9
- BYOD Model
- Approx. 600 students
1:1 Technology Program in Yrs 9, 10, 11- BYOD Model
- student managed
- Approx. 400 students.
Embrace the technology, practice what you preach
Let the students take control and be the teachers
Don't think you're alone as a teacher/school in this, create a PLN, speak to others, collaborate on ideas
Have a vision of what
you want to achieve,
why are going 1:1/iPads?
Ensure you're ready to
go down a 1:1 path
That the community, school, and staff are prepared
Take Your Time
Document the process.
Keep track the journey
Enjoy it. 1:1, implimenting new technology, developing a new culture of ICT... Take time out to sit back and soak it in
Keep all key stake holders in the loop. Parents, staff, students
Where possible seek assistance if needed. Don't think you're alone. Others have been here before you
Share the Load
Have an ICT sub-commitee formed. Share the load.
Ensure all documentation is up to date an relevant. Policies, AUA/IA, parent correspondance, etc...
App's We're Enjoying
Skitch / Explain Everything
Haiku Deck
Creative Book Builder
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