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High school

No description

ankoth ankoth

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of High school

Our School Anna Vasa Secondary School
in Golub-Dobrzyn. IT classroom Art classroom Breaks and lessons Polish classroom Biology classroom Teachers and students History The way to school Our school was opened in 1945 after the World War II. It was called the Swedish princess Anna Vasa in 2003. She lived in the castle next to our school and She was administrator of the castle. The way to school is very, very hard. Every day students must overcome long stairs, some students come to school
by bike or motorbike. Our school includes a lower school
(in Polish gimnazjum) and secondary
school. At the moment we have 50 teachers and 508 students. In school are 30 classrooms. For example: We start at 8 o'clock. One lesson lasts 45
minutes. After we have break, usually 10 minutes. On the breaks students eat lunch, talk with classmate, laugh and at 12.25 have a dinner in school canteen. We always have 7 or 8 lessons and We have a lof of homework. but Sport Field Sport Hall School shop Extra lessons School choir "Cantus" "Capella Antiqua" Theatre classes Observation of sky Business English Other extra lessons :
*volleyball Trip Our school organiser very interesant and different trip. Here are some of them Warsaw Copernicus Science Centre Mountains Krakow Sea Math classroom Astrobase In our school we have a lot of pleace to realize hobby. The teenagers spend nice time and can buy something good in school shop. For example: Ice rink Chemistry classroom Anna Vasa school organize "Otrzęsiny" for new students. It's playful rites. It's very funny. In "Wazówna" students celebrate the end of the study and organize festive balls at the school gym. The teenagers take part in the competition and school olympics. Presentation made by: Chemistry lab Ania Natalia Paulina
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