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8 Phrases Project

No description

Bailey Galloway

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of 8 Phrases Project

Gerund Poem
Praying with our hearts
Brings us close to God
Reading the Bible more regularly
Allows us to reflect on God's messages
Going to Church to praise the Lord
encourages us to put scripture passages into new points of views
Minimizing sins and caring for others helps us reach Heaven
Padre Nuestro
Little Red Riding Hood
Performance Ready
Figure Skating.
To pull my skate strings tightly.
To put on my blade rubbers.
To walk to the rink.
To warm-up by doing Salchow and Toe Loop Jumps.
To meet my instructor in the middle of the rink.
To practice pro-level jumps with my instructor .
To wrap-up lesson.
To take off my spandex dress.
To unlace my ice skates.
Ready for my next performance.

Major Project on Phrases
8 Phrases Project
Infinitive Poem
While walking,
While singing,
While searching,
Her cape was a beautiful cherry red.
She must find grandma’s cottage.
Until she reaches her destination she must keep searching.

Spotting a big bad wolf.
The wolf starts asking her a question.
Asking her where she’s heading.
She eventually finds her grandma’s pink brick cottage.
She knocks on the door.
She pulls the lever to open the door.

Examining her grandma ...
Grandma telling her to put the goodies in the pantry..
Little Red telling grandma she looks different .
She says your ears are bigger and hairier .
She watches her grandma as she gets out her bed.
Grandma headed towards Little Red and eats her.
Was that really grandma?

Caring for people,
Believing in God,
Clever student,
I enjoy watching How It’s Made.
Inside my heart is a caring person.

Smiling often,
Loving to friends and family.
Purifying life,
Pleasant girl,
Working day and night for school.

Comforting friends and family when they are downcast.
Encouraging friends and family with their daily life challenges .
Pleasing my parents with most things I do.

About Me
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