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Brent's Journey to Weeksboro, Maine

No description

Dhviti Patel

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Brent's Journey to Weeksboro, Maine

From Florida to Maine!!
People that Brent Met!
- A guest heading north (116)
- White Bearded man (119)
- Painter, Artist (121)
- A young women at the Dance (130,131)

What kind of Whirligig was built?
What was the story of people who found the Whirligig?
Whirligig- Brents Journey
Chapter 9
Weeksboro, Maine

Who Found the Whirligig?
Alexandra & Stephanie (19-32)
The whirligig was on the a metal pole. It was all different colors with moving arms, vanes, wheels and propellers. At the top was Lea's head and attached to her hair were three reflectors that Brent found from the sea. (125)
Brent drilled holes in the shells and made Lea's necklace with a set of wind chimes. On one of the four blades he painted Lea's name. (125)
Two 13 yrs old girls found the whirligig. On a cold and windy day, Alexandra was forcing Stephanie to come with her. Alexandra has a boyfriend for almost 4 weeks and Steph is single. Alexandra thinks that she has to find Steph a boyfriend. (19-27)
Alexandra makes Steph use her imagination. She tells her that during July, she will find a French- Canadian boyfriend. Three winters later Steph is finds a boyfriend but he is nothing like Alexandra made her imagine. (29- 32)
Change in Brent
After the dance, he realaized that he had finished Lea's mother's task. His guilt had vanished overnight. He knew it would reside him like uncomsumed ashes of fire but some part of him was feeling light- hearted. He seemed to like that feeling. (131-132)
For the first time during his journey Brent shares something about his past which is a truth. The woman says that "But my sense of you is that you are a good person, not a bad one'" (129). This makes Brent realize that, though he has killed somebody he might be like a foreign ides, that is never considered. Brent forgives himself. (129)
Linkin Park - What I've done
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