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Sarah's Key

No description

Julia Worden

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Sarah's Key

Hiding Micheal
In the novel, Micheal suggests that he hides and Sarah is reluctant at first but then agrees.
Novel Summary
Starzynski family taken from home in France
Micheal hides in the cupboard
The key
Sarah escapes from the camp
Jules and Genevieve
The Escape
In the novel, Sarah knows the policeman. He gives the girls money and instructs them to take off their stars.
William Rainsford's Father
In the novel, we never heard the conversation between William and his father because he was too ill.
Sarah's Key

Film Trailer
Like or Dislike?
this change because this was an important detail in the book. It made more sense why he let her go. The money he gave her plays a pivotal role in the story later.
Like or Dislike?
this change because we get to hear the dads side of the story. In the book, it just skipped over this and showed William telling Julia what happened. This makes it more personal.
Novel By:Tatiana de Rosnay
Film Directed By: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
Project By: Julia Worden
Like or Dislike?
16th Anniversay of Vel' d' Hiv
The apartment
Tracing Sarah Starzynski
Descendents of Jules and Genevieve
Sarah's son, William Rainsford
Book Review
Film Review
Book or Movie?
Informative and historical about the Holocaust
Seamless between past and present
Intriguing and captivating
End lost momentum and its emotional attachment
Followed the plot of the novel
Vivid and haunting images
Emotional and heart wrenching
Skipped many details and stories
Minor characters undeveloped
Confusing following two stories
this change because it makes more sense why she would feel so guilty about leaving her brother in the cupboard, because it was her idea.
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