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50 Ways to Say Goodbye

poetry project

Karina Pena

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

50 Ways to Say Goodbye Performed by Train By Karina Pena My heart is paralyzed
My head was oversized
I'll take the high road like I should
You said it's meant to be
That it's not you it's me
You're leaving now for my own good "My heart is paralyzed, my head was
oversized" is an example of personification.
This part of the lyrics is explaining how he
is in shock that she is leaving him and how
she said that it was for the best. She went down in an airplane
Fried getting suntanned
Fell in a cement mixer full of quicksand
Help me, help me! I'm no good at goodbyes
She met a shark underwater
Fell and no one caught her
I returned everything I ever bought her
Help me, help me, I'm all out of lies
And ways to say you died. This is an example of a hyperbole.
"Fried getting suntanned, fell in a cement mixer filled with quicksand, and meeting a shark underwater" is an exaggeration in this song. He is also trying to lie about different ways that she died so that he doesn't have to really say goodbye and admit that she left him; he is practically in denial. My pride still feels the sting
You were my everything
Someday I'll find a love like yours
She'll think I'm Superman
Not super minivan
How could you leave on Yom Kippur? "My pride still feels the sting"
is an example of personification.
He is saying how much it hurts him that she left and that he has hope that someday he will meet someone that really does appreciate him. "Yom Kippur" is the holiest and one of the most important holidays for the Jewish. It is a day of atonement (the reconciliation of God and humankind through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ) and repentance. I wanna live a thousand lives with you
I wanna be the one you're dying to love...
But you don't want to "I wanna live a thousand lives with you" and "I wanna be the one you're dying to love" are examples of a hyperbole because he is overly exaggerating in how much he wants her to love him. She was caught in a mudslide
Eaten by a lion
Got run over by a purple Scion
Help me, help me, I'm no good at goodbyes!
She dried up in the desert
Drowned in a hot tub
Danced to death at an east side night club
Help me, help me, I'm all out of lies
And ways to say you died. "She was caught in a mudslide, eaten by a lion, got run over by a purple Scion" are more excuses that he has made up for covering up her leaving him. These are examples of hyperboles because he is overexaggerating ways that she could have died. However, these can also be examples of metaphors because it can also mean something else, like "got run over by a purple Scion" can mean that she didn't die getting run over, but could mean that she actually left on the purple Scion. Thank you!! The End!
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