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La esperanza 2

For now

Brent Noorda

on 18 July 2011

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Transcript of La esperanza 2

Facts So, what is an upper cervical doctor? Is there really a "funny bone"? How many Americans will suffer from low back pain this year? Ask around, chances are you know someone that has found relief with NUCCA care! How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb? Just one! but it will take
him working on it 3 times
a week for 4 weeks to get it!
(unless he's upper cervical...) 80% 80% a doctor that focuses on the top part of the spine. Many patients suffering from:
Low Back Pain
Headaches/ Migraines
Decreased balance
Have found relief through our care! Is life worth living? Depends on the liver! Ask today about our liver cleanse What is an upper cervical correction like? How do I know if upper cervical care can help me? What is the top bone in the spine called? Atlas! No, it's the ulnar nerve got headaches? Come see what we can do! does heartburn really involve your heart? no... it's stomach disorder. and of course... indigestion! try zypan! fibromyalgia... affects about 8% of women age 65 is your head on straight? come find out with a complimentary consultation NUCCA can straighten you out so what if it isn't? this can lead to:

Low Back Pain
Headaches/ Migraines
Decreased balance
Hypertention NUCCA gently realigns the head on top of the spine. safe for all ages! come see how gentle NUCCA can be! schedule your complimentary consultation today! No...When the elbow is bumped, it's really the ulnar nerve that is felt. 80% 80% 80% Does your balance need a tune-up? Be nice to yourself, don't take synthetics... Schedule an appointment today with Cathy to find out about our whole food suplements. hypertension... NUCCA has been shown to lower blood pressure... schedule your complimentary consultation today! metabolic balance emotional balance physical balance hormonal balance That's the most important part! a natural digestive aid A doctor that focuses on the
top part of the spine! painful disease of the
nervous system. here's what happens. A misalignment here... can lead to muscle spasms here... What do our
patients say? "neck pain for several years from herniated discs... I am now pain free!"
- Pat B. "Dr. Noorda has been extremely good to me. No pressure, just results. My knees feel 85%- 95% better!"

- Vivian D. "Back pain for years until I found NUCCA"

- Kathleen B. "lots of energy"

Gloria B. "my grandson is a whole new person and very pleasent to be around. No more signs of ADHD at all!"

Kay L. "...I'm able to use my shoulder again. I haven't been able to move it like this for years..."

- Andy R. "...migraines and double vision are gone. I love being able to spend more time with my family... I'm me again."

Stephanie K. "headaches went from an 8/10 to 0. Foot pain went from a 10/10 to a 4/10 within just a week."

Emily J. "life begins with proper digestion."
Ask Cathy today about how to get the most out of your food. Signs of digestion problems:
smelly gas
fatigue This can cause either... persistant numbness and tingling is the first sign of nerve damage? "...Dr. Noorda said the numbness and tingling would be the last thing to go...but now it's gone!"

- Jerry K. NUCCA can straighten
you out. 80% or neurological problems... When the top of the
spine gets misaligned... ...the body posture distorts... but there's no need to suffer! What can an upper cervical doctor help? true health comes from the inside-out. 0 Key to the nervous system schedule your complimentary consultation today and find out! Want to improve your health with whole food? Our bodies are made to use REAL food. but... most "vitamins" are made in laboratories. it's what every body needs. Welcome to... Meet the staff Dr. Noorda He's the upper cervical doctor! Cathy Phillips our nutrional specialist! Arlene Brumble she's our talented massage therapist! Emily Noorda The all around go-to-Gal! named after this guy Ashley Jones The nice person in the office. Next time you bump your elbow, notice that you can feel it in your pinky and ring finger, not your thumb. Did you know... "I first met Dr. Noorda when I brought my 6 week old in with torticolis. For weeks we had tried stretching to get her head to straighten out but after only a couple minutes with Dr. Noorda, she has been straight now for months!"

Ruth D. Symptoms, can they be trusted? North Carolina University Student Has Heart Attack, Dies During Basketball Game. 2/4/09

- Reports say that he was very athletic, and active.

Healthy? 2 month-old baby has a fever of 104.6 from an upper respiratory infection. 4 days later, the baby is just fine, no drugs were given.

Healthy? A NUCCA patient feels muscle soreness in the neck and back the day after a correction.

Healthy? Someone walking around with one leg that is always shorter than the other.

Healthy? You are looking through some old photographs and you notice that your head is always tilted to the left but you feel no pain.

Healthy? YES! NO! True health comes from within Here's a healthy quiz. Let's see how you do. How many visits does it take? We love the "miracle" stories of one visit and they are cured for life, but most people require about 6 visits over about 2 months time. Would massages help? Yes! massage therapy helps get the metabolic waste out of the muscles, thus improving healing time. Ask Arlene today about how to get the most out of your corrections. structural prolems...
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