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The Truman Show

No description

Dylan Adamson

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of The Truman Show

Blind Acceptance of Reality
The constraints placed on the prisoners in both Truman Show and the Allegory of the Cave include:

Irrational fears
Knowledge limitations
Physical constraints
Creators exist in both works to construct and control the prisoners' perceptions of reality.

Both creators comparable to a god or deity
Realm of being
Connections to Real World
The government shapes our reality in the same way the creators shape the prisoners'.
Blind acceptance of teachings
Large truths hidden from the general public
In both Peter Weir's 'The Truman Show' and Plato's Allegory of the Cave, the prisoners blindly accept the confines of the pre-constructed realities with which they are presented.
Irrational Fears
Truman Show
Allegory of the Cave
Knowledge Conditioning
Truman Show
Taught there is no point in exploring
Propaganda - "Seahaven is the best place on earth to live!"
Allegory of the Cave
Only know what they have seen on the wall and have classified
Social Constraints
Truman Show
All social interactions are with scripted actors: wife, best friend, townspeople, parents
Allegory of the Cave
Only interact with the other prisoners
No outside influence
Physical Constraints
Truman Show
Literally trapped in a metal dome
On an island
Forest fire
Nuclear plant meltdown
Bus problems
No plane tickets
Allegory of the Cave
Chained to wall
Physically only able to look at cave wall
God vs. Creator
Truman Show
of = Christ
"Holy Father" of Truman's world
Took child not biologically his and raised him
Allegory of the Cave
Creator not given name
Presumably the same one who chained up the prisoners as infants
Creative Control
Truman Show
-Christof controls..
Truman's routine
Actors on the show
Allegory of the Cave
The creator controls everything that the prisoners know
Everything that passes in front of the flame
Controlled the prisoners in the height of their learning abilities
Construction of Reality
Truman Show
Built the dome
Writing the script of his life
Allegory of the Cave
Lit the fire
Parades images in front of fire
Realms of Being/Becoming
Truman Show
Christof wants Truman to stay in his realm of being
Tells him he is safe in his realm of being
Allegory of the Cave
Creator forces prisoner out of cave
Shows him realm of becoming
Misconceptions of Reality
Truman Show
Truman was unaware he lived inside a massive dome
Allegory of the Cave
Prisoners were unaware that there was anything other than the cave wall
Our World
People were unaware that the Earth was round and not flat
Blind Acceptance of Teachings
Truman Show
Accepted without vocal question that the world has already been explored
Allegory of the Cave
Don't question the reality of the shadows on the wall
Our World
We don't question and look into things that we are taught for ourselves
Hidden Truths
Truman Show
Truman does not know his every movement is monitored
Allegory of the Cave
Prisoners don't know someone controls what shadows they see
Our World
We didn't know about the government's surveillance program

Truman Show
Truman is presented with only specific things in order to distort his views
Allegory of the Cave
Creator can show prisoners whatever he/she wants in order to shape the way they think
Our World
The government tells us what it thinks we should hear to suit their interests
Resistance to Truth
Truman Show
Truman was hesitant to leave, although he was determined to, once he reached the door
Allegory of the Cave
Other prisoners furious when the one who was freed returned and tried to tell them there reality was false
Our World
The Church prosecuted Galileo for his ideas
The United States persecuted Edward Snowden for his revealing of the truth to the public
In The Truman Show, Allegory of the Cave, and in our own world, people are bound to the realities with which they are presented.
Allegory of the Cave
Creator controls
The prisoners' entire reality
Images paraded in front of flame
Chooses when to release the prisoner
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