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Batsheva Dance Company

No description

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Batsheva Dance Company

Batsheva Dance Company
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Riyah Al-Refai
Jacob Fritsch
Moe Itani
Signature Works
The Hole
By Ohad Naharin
Performed by 18 Batsheva Dance Company dancers
60 minutes without intermission

By Ohad Naharin
Performed by 18 Batsheva Dance Company dancers
75 minutes without intermission

By Ohad Naharin
Performed by 17 Batsheva Dance Company dancers
60 minutes without intermission
Founded in 1964 by The Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild

Martha Graham named first artistic director

Located in at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv,Israel

Largest dance company in Israel
Ohad Naharin was named artistic director in 1990

guided the company with an adventurous artistic vision and reinvigorated its repertory with his captivating choreography.

Is the creator of Gaga

Trained with Martha Graham
Aim/Purpose of the Company
Batshava is a repertory company- meaning it presents and performs many different dances during a season.
Ohad Naharin pioneered Gaga, an innovative movement language.
Developed by Ohad Naharin
An experience of freedom and pleasure
Improves instinctive movement
The Gaga technique is used by all dancers in the Batsheva company

Shamel Pitts
Maya Tamir
Oscar Ramos
Adi Zlatin
Eri Nakamura
William Barry
Zina Zinchenko
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