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The origin, structure, evolution, and future of our universe.

Karen Conner

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Cosmology

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Big Bang Theory Created by George LeMaitre- a priest!

Universe started as a singularity Exploded or expanded 10-15 billion years ago Singualrity AKA primeval fireball Timeline of the Big Bang First seconds: protons,
neutrons, and electrons formed Within minutes: hydrogen, helium
were formed Matter and radiation decouple
in several million years In about 300 million years,
galaxies begin to form Nothing to stop expansion,
so the universe continues to expand Currently about 74% HYDROGEN,
24% HELIUM Rival Theory- Steady State Theory Fred Hoyle thought it silly to say
the universe started in a "big bang" No beginning, no middle, no end To be true: the perfect
cosmological principle:

The universe is the same everywhere at all times Disproved! If Universe exploded- shouldn't there be heat left? Arno and Penizias worked for Bell
thought static was from pigeon droppings Got rid of pigeons- still had static! Cosmic Background Radiation!
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