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Introduction to Nonfiction Text

No description

Mallory Coffin

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Nonfiction Text

Introduction to Non-Fiction Text
Biographies and Autobiographies
A biography is a non-fiction text about someone (usually a famous or important person) that is written by another person
An autobiography is a nonfiction text that is written about yourself by you
A nonfiction text with information about many subjects
Can be specialized for certain subjects such as:
Non-fiction text that allows you to look up definitions of words
Arranged in alphabetical order
Parts of speech
Pronunciation key
Examples of the word in complete sentences
Non-Fiction Text Features
Table of Contents
Text Feature that comes at the beginning of the book
Lists chapters of the book and where to find them by page number
All topics discussed in book are listed by their page numbers at the back
Organized by alphabetical order
For example, in a book about fish, the index will list topics such as
Fins (pgs 5-6, 10, 23)
Gills(pgs 11-12, 21, 25)
Eggs (pgs 30-31)
Text feature at the back of the book that serves as a mini dictionary
Lists technical terms and their definitions
Depicts real examples of objects being discussed in the book as opposed to drawings or diagrams
Maps show different places in the world
Can show
Continents, states, countries, cities, towns, roads and much more!
Maps can also show physical features of the earth such as:
Oceans, mountains, rivers, lakes
Some maps may show population or climate (temperature, rain or snowfall)
Let's see a map of where you live!
Continent of North America
Country of the United States
State of Connecticut
Town of Columbia
and Subheading
A heading is found at the beginning of a chapter to inform you about what the piece will be about
For Example:
In a book about cats, chapter two's heading could be called Diet of a Cat, and be about what cats eat.
A Subheading is a topic that falls under the main heading. For example, in the chapter about a cat's diet, a subheading could be: Dangerous hunter and the paragraph would talk about a cat hunting mice and birds for food.
Text feature that serves as a label or description for photographs
A cheetah stalks its prey in the tall grass
A common cold virus as seen under a microscope.
This can take the shape of bolded text, italicized text, larger text, or highlighted text
Special text is used to alert the reader that a phrase or a word is more important than the rest.
Special Text
Cutaways show you the inside of an object that you wouldn't be able to see otherwise
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