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History Project: Leonardo da Vinci

No description

Megan Ngo

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of History Project: Leonardo da Vinci

Period 4 History Project Introduction How did Leonardo da Vinci's
ideas relate to today Parachute
a. The parachute was Leonardo da Vinci idea, but he wasn't the person that designed and tested it. The first ever parachute was made in 1797 by a man named, André-Jacques Garnerin, the parachute had a canopy of 23 feet in diameter and it's attached to a basket with suspension lines.
b. Now, we have all kinds of parachute, with all shapes and colors. Parachutes now have different types, such as the ram air parachute and the round parachute. (www.history.com)
The Winged Glider
a. The winged glider first started as Leonardo da Vinci sketch. After a few tries, Leonardo da Vinci, realized the difficulty his great dream of flying in a machine powered by human propulsion, so he turned his talents toward the problem of gliding flight. His idea was to use a large windspans. His designed finally succeed, it looked like a bird.
b. Today, people called the winged glider, "Hanged Glider." People now just have to hang on to the poles and strapped themselves. Not like before, where people had to wear all the heavy gadgets.
The Self-Propelled Car
a. Leonardo da Vinci designed a self-propelled car, which was able to move without pushing it. Many people consider Leonardo da Vinci self-propelled car invention to be the world’s first robot. Leonardo da Vinci’s self-propelled cart was powered by coiled springs, it also featured steering and brake capabilities.
b. Now in modern day, our self-propelled car is known as a car. We have advanced technology in modern day car, such as a GPS, AC, and a mini TV. a. Who is Leonardo da Vinci?
Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. His full name is Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. (www.biography.com) His many occupations an artist, mathematician, inventor, writer, and musician. He painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. At the age of 14, he began to learn from the artist Verrocchio. He died on May 2, 1519. (This information come from www.biography.com and our history book.)
b. What were his inventions and how did they work?
Two of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions were the parachute and the ball bearing. The parachute was one of Leonnardo da Vinci's flying machines he invented. It worked by a peron hanging under a cloth or mat with strings. The ball bearing was one of Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical inventions. It worked by a wooden table with about 5 holes; you put balls under and that is how it moved to help people get food easier. (This is all according to www.leonardodavincisinventions.com and www.biography.com) a. How it relates to today is that we still use Leonardo da Vinci's ideas. Such as we used his ideas of the helicopter. The only differences are that we advanced the ideas slightly. We advance his ideas by using his ideas, but put our own technology. This is a way his idea helps today.
b. Another idea we use today are the scissors. We use this today to cut pictures for projects and other things in life. His scissors were probably a little bigger. Now they are smaller for younger kids. They are also safer for little kids like the safety scissors. Now everyone can use scissors and still be safe. How did Leonardo da Vinci's
idas evolve over time Project Presentation Topic: The Renaissance
Theme: Leonardo da Vinci ideas Group includes:
-Vanessa Flying Machine Parachute Scissors Leonardo da Vinci These are three ideas. Any Questions? What did we need to improve on? What did we do good at? Thank you for your time! Bibliography http://www.history.com/topics/leonardo-da-vinci
http://www.biography.com/ Ram Air Parachute Round Parachute Old New Self-Propelled Car Car Conclusion In conclusion Leonardo Da Vinci was a great inventor, he invented many devices that helped in the past and still help today. One of the inventions was a parachute, it was entertainment for many people, and helped them get an understanding of what it's like to fly. Also a GPS, it helped people get to where they wanted. We also use helicoptors to transport us to far away places, which was another of his inventions. His ideas are still used today like others used them in the past.
Leonardo Da Vinci, had many occupations. Not only was he an inventor but also a mathematician, writer, and a musician. He painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper and invented different things. Parachutes, GPS, and helicoptors were some of those famous inventions that he came up with. They helped us in the past and still do today.
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