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2.0 Web Tools

Are we adapting to the students of today?

Susan Dreger

on 23 September 2011

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Transcript of 2.0 Web Tools

If you're not using blogs wikis webquests internet google apps podcasting emails cell phones you may not be engaging
your students The new WWW...
*Laptop computers
*Good sound system
*Good WIFI connection *Google
*Web 2.0 tools
*Teachers with innovative
*Motivation STEPS digital stories,
qwiki, forums, news, *NOTE: Any of the ingredients
can be adapted to your own taste. WEB 2.0 TOOLS IN AND OUT OF THE CLASSROOM HOW? IS THERE A RECIPE?

Remember Grandma's recipes. Those old classic recipes that have always worked, should not be forgotten!!! digital native First decide which menu you will be eating today: Wonderful Writing You may choose any of the following dishes: Speaking and Listening Combo Soupe à la collaboration Vocabulary à la carte Rich Reading OTHER STUDENTS WORK!!! Combine any of the above dishes, share with your friends, accept all variations or changes to the recipe, remix into your favourite ratatouille, publish the new recipe and
share once again! THE END TECHNOLOGY http://techytoolsforschools.blogspot.com/ Menu 1: Menu 2: Menu 3: Menu 4: Menu 5: social networking Innovation is an enhancer
but the main ingredients such
as oil and salt are still necessary
ingredients... IMPORTANT!! "If we teach today's students as we did yesterday's, we are robbing them of tomorrow." — John Dewey Students know how to blog, chat, download music,
upload photos on facebook but they don't know the potential of new tools. It is the educator's job to help students develop new litericies and strategies using these tools. WWW.WALLWISHER.COM BLOGS END www.glogster.com www.zimmertwins.com www.ietherpad.com Publish WWW.PROTAGONIZE.COM Voicethread
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