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Generations Defined

Society and Culture - Term 1, 2013

Millaray del Pozo

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Generations Defined

Generations Defined Builders Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Generation Z Gen' Jones 1946-1964 * 1966 - Implementation of the Decimal Currency
* 1969 - Neil Armstrong takes the first step on the moon
* 1965-1973 - the Vietnam War took place
* 1974 - Cyclone Tracey
* 1974 - Our National Anthem changed to "Advance Australia Fair". Culture: *TV (1956) *Audio Cassette (1962) *Transistor Radio (1955) *Beatles *Elvis *Rolling Stones *Johnny O'Keefe *Roller Blades *Mini Skirts *Barbie/Frisbees *Easy Rider *The Graduate *Colour TV Major World/National Events: Now aged between their 50s-60s Society Australian PM: Gough Whitlam
Malcolm Fraser US President: JFK/ Nixon Elvis The Beatles Neil Armstrong Communication land line telephone written letters television radio
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