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WestJet Airlines

No description

Mitoon Sanicha

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of WestJet Airlines

WestJet’s successful story
Found in 1996 in Calgary, Canada
“High-value Low-fare Airline ”
WestJet served 81 countries
Second largest carrier in Canada

Executives had no idea about IT structure
No IT strategic plan
No IT department - CIO
Employees’ lack of IT skills
Had only one data center
IT employee working schedule
Limited budget and resources
WestJet’s Situation
Increase system functionality
5 Business unit CIO (BU-CIO)
Executive vice-president controls IT resources and priorities.
Project report to BU weekly, and to the EVPs monthly.
Cheryl Smith’s Strategies
Single IT person coordinating and reporting weekly across the company.
Redundant data center in Toronto and Sobre data center in Oklahoma.
New IT governance plan: On-site coverage 24/7
Cheryl Smith’s Strategies
Hero culture
Employees don’t believe in the new strategies
Lack of communication
Cultural challenges
Open mind and look at long-term view
Share knowledge between business side and IT side
Educating and training the employees
More budget for IT department
Increase information exchange efficiency
Satisfy customers
More efficient IT employees
Reduce cost -> more competitive advantage -> more profit
Employees work easier
Value Chain
WestJet Airlines
Financial report
Standalone IT system
Sabre system did not go smoothly
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