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Concept Artist/ Illustrator Carrer

No description

Jamie Sorenson

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Concept Artist/ Illustrator Carrer

Concept Artist
Illustrator Career
concept artist
(sometimes called
) can take an idea and can turn it into an actual drawing.
What will it take to achieve my goal?
I would need to make a portfolio for my art
I would have to get a high school diploma or a GED
I would need many years of artistic training and practice (MCIS)

Long term goals
Build or start to create a portfolio
Get a degree in fine art, illustration, painting, animation etc.
Probably learn Japanese and go to Japan to be a concept artist for Nintendo
Many top employers prefer a degree in fine art, illustration, painting, animation, visual arts and communication, drawing, illustration, anatomy, comp. graphics, photography.

A bachelor's degree from a good school will help you get a illustrator job.
Job Outlook
Employment is small, about 28,800 people are employed

Growth only goes up by 3.8%

The amount of annual openings is few (790 annual openings)
Why did I choose this career?
I chose this career because I feel like this would be a great and creative job for me because I really like drawing.
Concept Artist/ Illustrator career
There are different type of companies you can work for illustrating
Animation studios
video production companies
gaming companies
graphic design firms
Salaries vary by
Average is $44,850 per year
Low ten percent is $18,450
High ten percent is $91,200

For my interest profiler, my highest
interest was artistic, which means that I
like work activities that deal with artistic
forms and patterns, also for self expression

Day in the life of an illustrator/
Location preferences
1/2 illustrators are self employed
The day in the life of an illustrator may vary between different clients

Also the location preference may vary
between clients also.
Possible Career spin offs
Game concept artist
According to an interview with Toshiaki "Shinkiro" Mori a illustrator at Capcom

"I enjoy creating art for characters that the rest of the world has yet to know will appear in the games."
(Nintendo Power volume 275)

The career includes drawing, painting etc. which I really like.
1/2 illustrators are self employed
Schedule is decided sometimes by the artist themselves
Might not get a job in the state of Montana
Competition against different artists
Background/ History
Work Cited
Concept art existed hundreds of years ago for theaters
Almost all of the early 20th century movies were done by the help of artists

But they had different names like stage designer, costume designer, etc.

getinmedia.com/careers/concept artists
Nintendo Power
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