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on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Orthodox

There is a God in Russian Orthodox
The Creator God normally associated with Christianity at large
The tripartite God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Is there a God?
Gracious and mysterious relationship
Jesus Christ has restored humanity to fellowship with God
The Holy Trinity God
What is the relationship between humans and God?
Humans, in Russian Orthodoxy are to be the responsible stewards of God's creation. As much they are meant to care for it and treat it with respect, like tending a garden.
What is the relationship between nature and humans?
There are approximately 70-75 Million believers in the Russian Orthodox church worldwide.
How many followers are there?
What are the principle beliefs?
What holidays do they celebrate? When?
What does this religion not allow? Are there any forbidden behaviors?
How do the religious practices influence business practices? What are their work ethics?
Similar to the beliefs of Christianity
The Holy Trinity
Focus is on Jesus the son rather than God the Father
New Birth Justification Sanctification
The Bible
Eucharist or Holy Communion
Confession to man and God
Prayer to the Saints
Second Coming
Homosexuality is forbidden
First marriage is honored by church. Second or third marriage- The ceremony is conducted in a different form.
Church permits three marriages.
The only appropriate and morally fitting place for the exercise of sexual relations, according to the teachings of the Church, is marriage.
Forbidden behaviors closely match Christianity.
Certain foods forbidden during fast.
January 7
- Feast of the Nativity (Russian Orthodox Christmas based on Julian Calendar)
February 1
- Triodion begins (Fasting before Easter)
April 12
- Pascha (Easter) -The most significant day in the life of the church.
May 31
- Pentecost (One of the great feasts celebrated 50 days after Paskha)
Hard work and self discipline are the main focuses within the Orthodox work ethic.
Their goal is to prosper nationally or socially. The goal is not to prosper personally.
Beliefs are based off of the book of Genesis.
These characteristics are prevalent in Russian Orthodoxy.
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