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Island of the Blue Dolphins

No description

zoe denney

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Island of the Blue Dolphins

Falling Action
Rising Action
Island of the Blue Dolphins
By: Scott, O'Dell
Favorite Quote
Favorite Passage
Literary Analysis
Aleuts vs. Natives
Symbolism: The use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.
"At last in the rising sun it became what it really was - a
ship with two
sails." (1)
"The day was the
hottest of all and the sea shimmered with
light." (80)
Her secret name is Won-a-pa-lei
Her dad was the cheif
She lives on the island for 18 years by herslef
She has a sister Ulape
She has a brother Ramo
She is resourseful
Death of Ramo
The Canoe
Return of the Aleuts
Leaving the island
“I thought about these things for two days and on the third night when the wild dogs returned to the rock, I made up my mind that no matter what befell me I would make the weapons.” (54)
"Dolphins are animals of good omen. It made me happy to have them swimming around the canoe, and though my hands had begun to bleed from the chafing of the paddle, just watching them made me forget the pain. I was very lonely before they appeared, but now I felt that I had friends with me and did not feel the same." (66)
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