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Final Airlines

No description

Katherine Philipps

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Final Airlines

Julianna Wojcik
Mao Morimitsu
Katie Philipps
Mark Kearney
Maggie Zimmer

Southwest Airlines
40 years of existence
Domestic airline
76 cities, in 37 states
Mergers: Transtar 1985, Morris 1993, ATA 2008,TranAir 2011
Low fare, high frequency, point-to-point
Bags fly free
Consumed about 1.4 billon gallons of fuel
Singapore Airlines Limited
64 years of existence
Malayan Airways limited (MAL)
62 destinations, 35 countries
Launched world's largest passenger airliner
1991 flight hijacked
Air France
78 years of existence
154 destinations, 91 countries
Formed by merger
1990 aquired Air Inter and UTA
Ranked as largest European airline
Largest airline in world in terms of operating revenue
All Nippon Airways
53 years of existence
30 international destinations
ANA group also owns many hotels
Landing incidents in 2003 and 2007
Member of Star Alliance
Korean Airlines
49 of

130 destinations in 45 countries
Headquarters in Seoul
4 types of 1st class airlines
Flys to all inhabited continents
Airlines Industry Analysis
Air France
Cash Ratio
Cash Ratio
Operating Margin
Sales Growth
We wanted to compare how the economic turmoil in the past decade has effected the international airline industry. In order to make this comparison we chose airlines from five different geographical regions.
Our Story
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