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Coca Cola in India

No description

Meils Rose

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Coca Cola in India

What Coke Should Have Done
Cultural Differences: India vs USA
Team 6: Amelia G, Maria K, Safiya K, Paul P, Lincoln T
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Accusations Against Coke
Coke is not Alone
Coca-Cola in India
Coke's Future in India

Establish local partnership through joint ventures and acquisitions

Customize products to correspond to local preferences

Lobby the government to provide support

Continue using Bollywood actors as spokes people
Team 6
Steps for Moving Forward
Sign the UNGC to be an advocate for Human Rights, Environment, Anti corruption, and Labor

Provide training and opportunities for growth to locals and the community

Invest more in CSR initiatives to improve impact on their community. For example building schools, improving roads, and reducing their carbon footprint

Improve national responsiveness by cutting down the time it takes to address local needs
Cultural Differences
Cultural Differences
Been proactive about water quality and environmental impacts by filtering their own water

Should have reacted immediately after accusations to address consumer concerns

Partner with local leadership and NGOs to establish good faith

Safiya Khan Paul Prevot Lincoln Tanyi
Amelia Gundersen Maria Khan
case 2.1 Coca-Cola in India



Accusations Against Coke

Coke Is Not Alone

Cultural Differences: India vs USA

What Coke Should Have Done

Coke's Future in India

Steps for Moving Forward
Locals: Farmers and Consumers
NGOs: Center of Science and Environment
Government: The Kerala Minister of Health

Contaminating water
Mehdiganj plant exploits ground water and polluting it with toxic metals

Using contaminated water
(CSE) 27 times past the accepted "unofficial" limit of pesticides in their drinks
India Has Higher Power Distance:
Trust and Dependance on Authority (Gov't)
Locals are against Coke because the government tells them to be
India Has Lower Individualism:
Strong Collectivism
Locals are against Coke in agreement with the majority
Source: www.cseindia.org
Source: www.geert-hofstede.com/india.html
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