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The Lemonade War

No description

Tara N

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The Lemonade War

The book takes place inside of the house and on the sidewalk
A short-ish summary
The Lemonade War is about a brother- Evan and a sister- Jessie.
Evan got mad at Jessie because she is a "know it all" and she is now with Evan all day long because a teacher left so they needed to put the 2 smallest classes together which was the grade 3 class that Jessie was in and the grade 4 class that Evan was in. They end up both making different
lemonade stands and putting them at different corners. They made a deal
that the person who gets $100 or close to $100 by Saturday wins and the loser gets nothing
There are 5 main characters
The Lemonade War
They are inside their house in the beginning of the book and in little spots.
They are on the sidewalk
in lots of pages in the
The problem is that Evan took Megan's and Jessie's money. He only thought that the money is Jessie's. He put it in his shorts pocket when he went to his friends house. He lost the money because 1 of his friends took it from his shorts when he went swimming.

1: Evan
Evan is the oldest kid in his family and is going into grade 4. He has a sister that is about a year younger than him.
2: Jessie
Jessie is Evans little sister, she is supposed to be in grade 3 but got skipped to grade 4. She got the teacher that she wanted ( like me). She got to be in her brothers class which was her wish.
3: Scott
Scott is a very bad friend, he always tries to find a way to get out of doing work.He made fun of Jessie because she skipped a grade.
Jacqueline Davies
4: Megan
Megan in grade 4 in Evan's class. She becomes friends with Jessie and helps her with her lemonade stand.
5: Mrs. Treski
Mrs. Treski is Evan and Jessie's mother. She has an office in her attic and she is now a single mother with 2 kids
The solution is
The solution is...
that Evan lost the money so
Jessie and Evan had to work
together to make the $104 back.
The end
What was the problem?
Who are 2 of the 5 main characters?
Evan and Jessie
Evan took Megan's and Jessie's money. 1 of his friends took the money.
A Short-ish
The Lemonade War is about a boy named-Evan and a girl named-Jessie. Evan got mad at Jessie because she is a year younger than him and can out-smart him very easy. They made a competition to see who can make the most money in 5 days. Evan got his stand shut down because he didn't have a permit for being in a public place while Megan and Jessie's was in a residential community. Megan let Jessie use her money to beat Evan together they had $208. Evan took the $208 because he got mad at Jessie for putting dirt, worms, fruit flys and other insects in the lemonade that he used over half of his money to buy. He lost all of Megan and Jessie's money.
What was the solution?
How much money did Jessie have?
I only said how much Megan had!
What was Jessie's wish?
They had to work together to make
Megan's money back
To be in the same class with her brother
! !
! !
! !
Why did Evan steal the money?
Why did Evans stand get shut down?
Because Evan was mad at Jessie
Because he didn't have a permit
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