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Brooke,Grace,Hunter, hopis

The peaceful people

Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Brooke,Grace,Hunter, hopis

What did men and women do? Food and water sources By Grace, Brooke, and Hunter Where did they live? They lived in Arizona, along the desert, southwestern region. They had very little water.

The Hopis grew corn, squash, beans, pumpkin, pinon cones, nuts, berries, roots, and piki. The men hunted, and wove, they also were a part of ceremonies.

The women kept the prayer stick, it was used to tell prayers and stories. Clothing The women wore mantas, wedding robes, and traditional clothes

The men wore skins. Crafts or material and culture Stone dishes, prayer sticks, weaving spindle, and pots. Homes Kiva - cultural place/villages Tools and weapons They had throwing clubs and a bow and arrow. Communication They talked and made pictographs on pots. The Hopi Origin Story The Hopis all lived together in a hole in the center of the earth. Once there was a hole with a ladder, so the chief decided to come out. He let all his people out first then himself. Then they had discovered Earth where they would now live. That is how the Hopis came to be. The Hopis Bibliography!!!!! Driving Hawk Sneve, Virginia(1995) The Hopis, Holiday House, New York Bart, Joyce etal (2012) Social Studies Alive America's Past, Teachers Curriculum
Institute, Palo Alto, CA
'Hopi Indians' 2012 (online) Available www.indians.org/articles/hopi-indians html (Dec.6,2012
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