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Radiation - Physics

No description

Phumeena Bala

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Radiation - Physics

Radiation What Is Radiation? Radiation is the process through which energy travels through a medium and/or a vacuum. It travels in the form of subatomic particles or electromagnetic waves. Types of Radiation on-ionizing Radiation onizing Radiation Types of Ionizing Radiation lpha atomic instability Beta ecay Gamma Therapy istory Discovery of X-rays Wilhelm Roentgen Henri Becquerel Discovery of Radioactivity The Curies The use of Radiation in Cancer Treatment Emil Grubbe Claude Regaud he Cobalt Bomb egative effects Units used to Measure Roentgen aboserbed dose (rad) Gray (Gy) Radiosensitizers Radioprotectors rogress for the future
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