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the pyhsics of sound

No description

emoni aikens

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of the pyhsics of sound

The Physics of Sound
Jahnai Aikens
Teters block 2 Overview Facts of Sound

The Ear Sound

Sounds Properties
Sound is a form of evergy produced and transmitted by vibrating matter.
sound travels in waves and travels faster through sloids than liquids
or gases. The Ear sound is heard through our ears from vibrating air molecuels. Sound waves move through 3parts of our ears.
Outer ear
Middle ear
&Inner ear Vibration Vibration is a back and forth motion of molecules of matter Compression Compression ocurrs when molecules are pressed together as the sound waves move through matter Sound Waves Sound waves have alterative areas of high and low pressure in the air. all sound is carried through matter as sound waves Wavelength and Frequency wavelength is the full distance between the peak of the wave Frequency is the number of waves moving past a point per second Pitch Pitch is a measure of how high or low a sound is. A pitch depends on the frequency of a sound wave ANY questions FOR MEE!!! Demonstration Facts The first determination of the speed of sound was given by Isaac Newton combined calculus with physics............ what ive learned? what did I take from this experience? why did i choose this particular project? Did i have fun doing it?
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