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Jasper Jones Theme

No description

Aerin Leigh Lammers

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Jasper Jones Theme


Jasper Jones Theme
Just because something is not against the law does not mean it is justified
Jasper's Mother is a wonderful example of this.
Charlie's mother had an affair
even when her husband treated
her better than she deserved.
She also continually had to make sure
her son, Charlie, the narrator of the
book, knew who was in charge. She
had biting sarcasm towards him and to
prove her superiority made him dig a 5 foot deep hole as his punishment. Then made him fill it back up. With his hands.
Both of these things are awful and, yet
they are not illegal. Not illegal but also
not justified.
Another example that was brought to us by
the characters was Jack Lionel.
He was stereotyped as a vicious killer, when really
he had gotten into a car accident because he was
holding the hand of a woman he treated as his daughter while driving her to the hospital. The woman was killed in the accident, but it was not his fault.
Stereotyping obviously isn't a crime. And yet,
it causes just as much, if not more damage.
Jeffery was not allowed
to play cricket with the other boys
because of his ethnic background
Once again, stereotyping. But this is full on
Again discrimination,stereotypes, bullying. Not crimes, but also not justified.
It would be one thing if it was just the boys,
but the coach was not doing one thing to stop it.
He let the boys harass and exclude Jeffery.

A Juxtaposition, while being really hard to pronounce, is the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
What does that mean you ask? It means: the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
In other words, its the use of two things, plot twists,
characters, literary elements, to prove a point.
Well, in this case, Jasper Jones presented two themes. One of them being the theme presented to you folk earlier. The other one, however is the exact opposite.
The other theme that comes up is, just because it is against the law doesn't mean it is not justified.
Now now people settle down I know that you are all thinking, what in the world is she talking about? Why is she writing on a comma? And how can murder and theft be justified?
I'll tell you how!
Because of the way the book was written opposing themes were presented.
Remember earlier how Charlies mother did awful things to both him and his father when they did nothing wrong? And yet it wasn't illegal.
Well in this case Jasper Jones stole to survive since his horrid father never did anything to support him after his mother died.
Fun fact: Jaspers Mother was the one Jack Lionel "killed". See how confusing this book is?
Even though Jasper stole, which is against the law, he did so to survive. And that, at least in my opinion, is quite justified.
Another example pf something illegal being justified
is when Charlie helps Jasper dump a dead body into the dam. The girl, Laura, was found dead in Jasper Jones' spot, but jasper didn't kill her. He knew that he was known as a bad influence around the town and was aware that if the body was found in his "spot" he would be sent to jail without a fair trial or a trial at all. He and Charlie threw the body into the dam to save Jasper even though it was against the law.
Even though it is true that helping a criminal
is a crime, in this case it was justified. Charlie
helped Jasper save himself from an unjustified
life in jail.
Eliza was a controversial character
when it comes to the themes.
Eliza did something both illegal and in a
way unjust. But just to confuse the book
even more, the thing she did saved herself
and Jasper.
Eliza hid a letter from both jasper
and the police about Laura's death,
which in fact turned out to be a

Even though obstruction of evidence is against the law in this case it actually saved Jasper from any suspicion. And if it had been given to the police would have explained why she committed suicide leading to her father, who sexually harassed her, and her mother, who when Laura told her what was going on didn't believe her.
All in all, this book has the
overarching theme of justice.
Just because it is a law does
not always mean that there
aren't exceptions that would
make sense. But that's also
vice versa. If it is not against
the law that does not automatically
imply that that action is correct.
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