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Dogs are Better Pets than Cats

I am going to argue why dogs are superior to cats.

Douglas Whittle

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Dogs are Better Pets than Cats

Dogs are Better Pets than Cats Loyalty and ability to understand commands make certain species of pets better than others So, Dogs are superior to Cats. Dogs are considerably more loyal to their owners and have the ability to understand and respond to commands well. Dog Owner Statistics Cat Owner Statistics Uses and Occupations for Canines Counter Point Cats are low maintenance But, Cat's litter box needs to be cleaned everyday and can also produce odor inside of a household Cats also regurgitate all of the hair that they lick off of them selves in the form of hair balls References: http://www.gallup.com/poll/102952/companionship-love-animals-drive-pet-ownership.aspx http://www.animals-zone.com/10-reasons-why-dogs-are-better-than-cats http://www.seeingeye.org/?gclid=CMex_4r2z7ICFQKCnQod_WAAWQ
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