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Campaign Mgt

Madhya Pradesh

abhishek nafdey

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Campaign Mgt

Online database Management - integrated with maps.
Covering Booth-wise details of

Party workers
Caste Equation
Influential People.
Local Issues
Past Election Results
Live feeds
Mission 2013
Madhya Pradesh State Elections
Mission 2013

Madhya Pradesh State Elections

Phase II
Phase I
War Room.
Phase III
Organizing for Action
Online Profile Building
Connecting with Party Workers
Building Complete profile from scratch
Daily updations of content related to top trends
Daily updations of content related to Youth & Politics.
Creative posts.
Official website -
Serves as landing page for online campaigns.

Single Point Contact -

Builds a strong platform for associating all active party
Encouraging quotes
Top trends & Issues
Trailer-paced Videos
Creating a Strong reach on social platforms.
Connecting with fellow party men & keeping them updated with the latest.
Spreading awareness on Development.
Replacing the traditional Table outside a polling station by a tablet.
Taking into account different trends and patterns across polling booths.
Past Election Data and Demographics
SWOT analysis for the entire region. 

Complete Package which would be designed to give a good 2-3% increase in our favour by understanding and analyzing the last phase trends, creating segmented strategies for different kind of voters.
Feature List
Categorization of Party Workers & Influential people into groups.
Live updates to important party workers.
Keeping track of local issues & dynamics.
Categorizing stable & Volatile Booths with Color codes based on past election results.
Reminders for To-Do, Birthday or meetings.
Feeds on Latest News. Party Updates
Social media Integration.
SMS & Call facility.
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