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Copy of Back in Time

No description

Peggy Goldberg

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Back in Time

Does this look familiar?
Can you picture your 8- year-old self sitting in one of those desks?

A Journey Back in Time
The impact of television

The core curriculum consisted of reading, writing
and arithmetic

Safety second... or third!
I bet writing in cursive is going to be useful forever!
Class participation
Remember these?
Let's see what the kids are up to!
Technology in the classroom!
What? I answered the
last two!
How to tie my shoes
Take Turns
Put my toys away
Keep my materials from my mouth
Use my handkerchief properly
Speak clearly, in a pleasing voice
Respond well to music
Keep my hands to myself
Work and play well with others
Enjoy stories, books, and poetry
What I learned in kindergarten
Time to get on the bus and go home,
I hope you had a great day at school!

Welcome back to 2013!
Let's visit!
Learning takes place everywhere!
Back to the Present!
Technology in the classroom
A good start!
Finally, the most popular subject...
I know all of the alphabet
I know my letter sounds
I know 50 sight words
I can read decodable books
I can sound out words
I can write my name
I can answer comprehension questions
I can write a short story
The downside
of technology
What does a kindergartener need to know these days?
Learning how to read!
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