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Funneling Method for an Introduction/Conclusion

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Kelly Lowrance

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Funneling Method for an Introduction/Conclusion

Funneling Method for an Introduction/Conclusion
The Format
Funneling is an easy way to develop an introduction and conclusion paragraph. In the introduction, funneling begins with a broad statement about a topic and leads the reader into the thesis statement. This should be done in 3-5 sentences.

Funneling the conclusion is simple as well...
Just do the opposite of the introduction.

If the topic was Byng High School, the broad statement would be about education in America, then education in Oklahoma, then (more specifically) education in Pontotoc county and/or Byng Public Schools. These sentences would be followed by your thesis- your stance on Byng High School. The thesis statement is the most specific.

Due to the indisputable importance of educating our youth, public education in America remains to be an area that needs constant improvement. In Oklahoma, educators implement programs and technology at a progressive rate. Byng Public Schools is one example of a rural school that continues to add technology and programs to benefit students. Happily, Byng High School is a leader in all areas of educational improvement.
Byng High School is undeniably a leader in the district, state, and nation when it comes to technology. This technology allows the students to successfully perform on the state and national level and continues to keep a constant focus on educating our nation's youth.
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