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Forth Micro-Mainframe

A Project Idea for Maker Faire 2012

Samuel Falvo II

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Forth Micro-Mainframe

An Idea for the Next MakerFaire Forth Micro-Mainframe How Do We Engage
More Visitors? T T T T B J 1 2 3 4 Safe. Secure. Gentle Enough for the Embedded. Forth All The Way Down. Sun Solution. T T T T B J 1 2 3 4 IBM Solution. Network "Cloud" Multi-user. No non-Forth Platforms. Strong Enough for the Enterprise... "The Network Is
the Computer." The Computer is
the Network. Winning! 25MHz J1 Processor
Flat 32KW of RAM
640x200 Mono VGA
PS/2 Keyboard
SPI Link to Mainframe 25MHz J1 Processor
Flat 32KW of RAM
SPI Link to Mainframe
SPI Link to MMC Card 25MHz Enhanced J1 Processor
Interrupt and Exception Unit
Memory Management Unit
LOTS of SPI Ports
Up to 4KW for Host OS
Apps Get Up to 4KW Each Time is of the Essence... So, I'm going to take a few shortcuts. Event Driven Architecture. : wait
begin key? until ;
: respond
dup [char] Q = if done on exit then ... ;
: loop
done off
begin wait respond done @ until ; : initialize
... stuff here ... ;
: onKey ( n -- )
dup [char] Q = if post-quit-msg exit then ;
: onQuit
cleanup ;
create interface
' initialize ,
' onKey ,
' onQuit , Process-Oriented Event-Driven Key Deliverables Documented Forth Listings for OS
Documented Forth Listings for I/O Processors
Documented Verilog Listings for Forth CPU
Documented Verilog Listings for I/O Hardware I want to show the world that Forth can still pack quite a punch. Fin. Q & A Samuel A. Falvo II
2011 July 23 4 5 + . 9 Ok
_ 4 5 + . 9 Ok
_ 4 5 + . 9 Ok
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