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Human Resources Manager

No description

Katherine Chau

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Human Resources Manager

Similar positions
Executive Recruiter
Physician Recruiter
Resume Checker
Job Placement Specialist
Equal Opportunities Officer
employment perspective
strong competition
expansion of company requires HR staff to overlook employees
102,700 positions available
13% job outlook (2012-2022)
Typical Day as a HR Manager
occupation setting
Other information
starting pay: $22,000
national annual salary: $99,720
hourly earnings: $49.96
must understand people well and be a good listener
interpersonal communication skills
student leadership positions
at least a B.A. degree
researches employee backgrounds to help determine the most fitting jobs (aka stalking)
bias toward either CEO or employees
By Katherine Chau
40 hours per week
office job (approx. 10 hours a day)
people and recruiting skills
leadership and organization is a must
downfalls: dealing with uncooperative employees and firing if necessary.
The End
Job Description
responsible for employee training, interviewing, selection, and assessment
plans, directs, and coordinates an organization
informs company executives on efficiency ideas and employees
respond to emails
interview potential employees
meet with company executives
resolve worker conflicts
create presentations to introduce new programs
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