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Final Portfolio 2013 - Chocolate & Propaganda

The Best Presentation EVER!

wilmary rodriguez

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Final Portfolio 2013 - Chocolate & Propaganda

Final Portfolio
Joseph Goebbels
Edward Bernays
relationship between Propaganda and Publicity?
Antisemitic Propaganda
By: Wilmary Rodriguez
Power and Freedom
Colgate Publicity
How many of you know that chocolate has a dark side?
THE cruel reality behind Chocolate
How are Women's bodies used today.
Are these the same?
Slavery Still Exists?
How has propaganda influenced societies perspective?
In what ways is propaganda capable of controlling our minds?
How has propaganda influenced the way we think?

What is Propaganda?
What is Publicity?
Relationship between Propaganda and Publicity
Relationship between Propaganda and Chocolate
The Dark Side of Chocolate
Dark chocolate is more healthy.
The most consumed chocolate

Can help with
ulcer, fever, blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Where they make the chocolate? And who makes it?
20th Centuary
Checking the kids.
Is a type of manipulation with the intention to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view.
Slavery still exists!
Let's help end this.
This is just chocolate.
Think about all the things we consume.
Think about where these products come from and who is making them!
Important Moments From the Documentary
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