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Copy of C'est quoi?

No description

romain piotte

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of C'est quoi?

Starting July 2013 !
Is that good?
We don't really know cause it is our first game, but our French distributor's last big success was Dixit ... And he sold much more INSIDE3 than Dixit boxes for the very first year. So we are pretty optimistics...

So far we succeed to sell almost 10000 cubes within a few months with no help and no adds.
More than 1 000 000 boxes sold over the world!
Although geeks and nerds helped us a lot during crowdfunding phase, we don't have a specific market... But is that a problem? What is sure is that most of people who buy one cube come back to buy some more!

Next big thing!
Why???? Let's see the battles!
With a huge amount of very bad faith...
INSIDE3 vs Rubik
Of course Rubik's cube is too good but INSIDE3 propose a brand new concept and it is
not an abstract game
. No need to read manual and algorithms. You just have too feel...
In a few words INSIDE3 is:
- Brand new, colored, fun, full of darkness, collectible, modern, exchangeable, clever, mysterious, stackable, made in Paris, accessible for (almost) everyone...
INSIDE3 vs Hanayama
Hanayama is as well super funky but INSIDE3 bring a real consistency in graduation and design. An modernity as well.
INSIDE3 vs Gear Cube
Once again a very good toy. But once again it is a grandchild of the Rubik. INSIDE3 is not just a brainteaser, it is also a journey in the darkness.
Produced here: in Perigny sur Yerres,

What is it?
What is it exactly?
Global view
Saison Zero
A cube for everyone
Create your own cube by combining
Free exchange of cubes on our website (with other players)
Free Extra ball by demanding on our site
Extra bonus
Stickers! Transform your cube into another one by watching map from another face.
Map of a Easy0 (from top):
Map of a Easy0 (from side):
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