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Midsummer NIght's Dream

Research task on William Shakespeare

Juz M

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Midsummer NIght's Dream

William Shakespeare A research task and
Midsummer Night's Dream Classification of Shakespeare plays The scene begins with Bottom, Quince,
Snout and Starveling in the woods,where Titania is asleep and begin rehearsing the play. They begin discussing parts of monologue in which they will explain to the audience that they are only actors and what they are doing is not real. At this point, Puck enters the stage in attempt to prank them. He puts a donkey's head on Bottom yet Bottom does no realise. Everyone else sees bottom and is afraid of him. He does not believe them so he begins singing a song to show that he is afraid. With that, he awakes Titania. Due to the fact that Oberon wanted Puck to put the love potion on Titania, Titania awakes to the sight of Bottom and instantly falls in love with him. The play continues with Titania being madly in love with Bottom although Bottom is replying her with nonsensical words. Summary of Act 3 Scene 1 Character Relation / Character Tree Midsummer Emotions and Feelings - Activities William Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of April in the year 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England and was baptized on the 26th of April in the same year. He died on his birthday in the year 1616, at the age of 52. His parents were named John and Mary Shakespeare. John and Mary had eight children in total in order of birth- Joan,Margaret, William, Joan, Anne, Richard and Edmund. B. His work A. His Early Life A. His Later life An insight into William Shakespeare and his plays The childhood of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare as an adult The main difference between a Shakespearean tragedy and a Shakespearean comedy is exemplified in the endings. In a Shakespearean tragedy, there are deaths in the end whereas, in comedies people usually succeed in their goals and there are no deaths. In November 1582, William Shakespeare, married Anne Hathaway.William was 18 and Anne was 26. When Anne came home, she was said to be 3 months pregnant already. William and Anne had 3 children. William Shakespeare lived in Stratford-Upon-Avenue, his birth place for most of his life.
The three professions Shakespeare was known for is an actor, playwright and poet. Shakespeare is most well-known in playwright as many of his plays are still performed nowadays. Shakespeare also appeared in his own plays occasionally. William Shakespeare was mostly known for his written work as in plays and poems. Despite the fact that William Shakespeare was most famous for being a playwright, he also wrote poems. William wrote 154 sonnets, 2 long narrative poems and several other poems. As William Shakespeare was most well known as a playwright, the following will be dedicated in description of his plays. William Shakespeare wrote 38 plays in total. His most famous ones, Romeo and Juliet, and Midsummer's Night Dream. Genres Example of Plays The Histories The Comedies The Tragedies The Romances The Tragicomedies Julius Caeser King Henry V Midsummer Night's Dream The Tempest Hamlet Macbeth Romeo and Juliet The Winter's Tale Cymbelline Prince of Tyre C. My Language Keeping Track Questions: Act 1 Scene 2 Why have Quince, Bottom and the others met together?
- They came together to rehearse and cast the play.
To whom do they hope to perform their tragedy?
- They will perform their play at Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding to those who attend the wedding and Theseus and Hippolyta themselves.
What do we learn about the play they are going to perform?
- The play is a romantic tragedy marking the death of two lovers, Pyramus and Thisby.
What do you expect will happen next?
- I think that in the woods Bottom with his seemingly loud and open personality will somehow spill something about their play. Someone may also be eavesdropping while they are rehearsing.
What do you imagine the performance to be like?
- I think that it will be a successful performance because the members seem to be very enthusiastic and with some serious and thorough rehearsal the performance should turn out well. Summary of Act 1 Scene 1 Summary of Act 1 Scene 2 Summary of Act 2 Scene 1 Summary of Act 2 Scene 2 In the first act and scene of the Midsummer Night's Dream, we discover the relationship between seven characters. There is a different type of love connecting one to another. Theseus and Hippolyta are about to get married and are to the the Duke and Dutchess of Athens. Egeus, who seems to be a close friend of Theseus congratulates his marriage and addresses Theseus with a problem. Egeus wants his daughter, Hermia to marry Demetrius but Hermia refuses as she is in love with Lysander, who is in love with her in return. However, Demetrius is also in love with Hermia. Demetrius need not feel unwanted because his "ex-girlfriend", Helena is still in love with him. So, we have a "love square". According to Athenian law, the daughter must listen to her father and marry who she is told to or else she will have to spend the rest of her life as a nun or take the punishment of death. Neither one of these options appealed to Hermia. Therefore, Lysander decided to run away with Hermia to where his aunt lived, which is away from Athens and thereby not under Athenian law. Six workers, Quince, Snug, Bottom, Flute, Snout and Snarveling have gathered to make a play for Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding. As the the man in charge, Peter Quince has cast his play. The play is a romantic tragedy regarding the death of the lovers Pyramus and Thisby. Bottom, who is over-enthusiastic and keeps interrupting Quince with his ideas. These six plan to meet in the woods to rehearse their play so that no one will hear of their plans. Midsummer Night's Dream In this scene we learn about three new characters, Oberon, Titania and Puck. Oberon is the fairy king and his wife Titania is the fairy queen. Puck a servant of the King and Queen yet is still a lively person who is known for pranking humans and has the ability of making himself transform into different shapes and become invisible. Puck informs Oberon and Titania that the fairy kingdom has split as the King and Queen own an Indian baby. Oberon wants this child to becoe one of his slaves but Titania wishes to keep him. The next time Oberon and Titania meet, they are still quarreling. Titania explains that she wants to keep the baby because the baby's real mother is very close to her, so she wishes to keep the baby. She says that because they are arguing the seasons and the weather has changed oddly making the humans suffer. Oberons plans to seperate Titania from the baby. Meanwhile, Helena is still chasing after her love Demetrius through the woods even if he is trating her badly. Oberon commands Puck to find a magic flower which when dripped onto the closed eyelids of one, he will wake up and fall in love with the first person they see. Oberon wants Puck to drip this on Demetrius so that he will fall in love with Helena. Midsummer Night's Dream Midsummer Nights Dream - The Play
- Whether you found the performance helpful in understanding the play?
- What was achieved by the modern setting?
- Whether you thought the actors were suitable/effective for their parts?
- The setting/scenery - did this add to the effect of the play?
-The way the actors delivered their lines did this help understanding The whole of this scene is set in the woods. We begin with the fairies casting a spell on their fairy queen Titania to keep the bugs away from her as she is sleeping in the woods tonight. At the point where the rest of the fairies leave but one to guard Titania, Puck arrives and drips the juice of the flower on her eyelids hoping the embarrass her by making her fall in love with a monster. Lysander and Hermia are lost in the woods and plan to sleep there for the night. Lysander wants them to cuddle up together but Hermia is afraid that he is thinking of something inapproprate and tells him to sleep further away from her. Helena and Demetrius enter the scene with Helena begging for Demetrius to love her again. But Demetrius refuses Helena and says that he is in love with Hermia. Puck also drips the love potion juice on to Lysander. At this point, Helena finds Lysander lying on the ground and wakes him up. This makes him instantly fall in love with her. William Shakespeare wrote in early modern English. He also used different styles of writing lines for different people. For example, commoners will have lines written in prose and more wealthy people in the plays will have lines in poetry.
The difference between poetry and prose is that poetry is more of an art form as it usually includes rhyme, rhythm and other literacy devices. Act 5 Scene 1 Act 4 Scene 1 Act 4 Scene 2 Puck admits that he made a mistake in
making Lysander fall in love with the first thing he sees when he wakes up rather than making Demetrius fall in love with the first thing he sees. He intends to do the same thing to both men and now, both Demetrius and Lysander are madly in love with Helena instead of Hermia. Helena thinks that the men are just playing a prank on her and mocking her that no one loves her. But the men prove that they are truly in love with Helena by being really mean to Hermia and telling her to go away. The men start a fight as they battle for Helena. The girls also start quarelling because Hermia thinks that Helena purposely made the men fall in love with her while Hermia was asleep. In the beginning of the scene,
Titania professes her love for Bottom while, Bottom enjoys having the fairies wait on him. Oberon decides to save Titania because his plan had worked just as he wanted to. Puck is commanded to bring Bottom back to a human form and to be brought back to Athens. Theseus and Hippolyta are preparing for their wedding along with Egeus. They find the four lovers and awake them. Lysander admits he was going to run away with Hermia to a place not in Athenia law so that they could get married. Now, Lysander says that he is in love with Helena. That way, Demetrius and Hermia are getting married as well as Helena and Lysander. Summary of Act 3 Scene 2 This scene comes after the scene when everything has resolved and the lovers are all in the rightful places. The scene begins with the workmens rehearsing the Pyramus and Thisby play. Bottom However, before Bottom arrives, Bottom's friends are worried that they will not be paid by the duke because would not be able to perform without Bottom. Just then, Bottom arrives and explains that hehas just recovered from being the love of Titania's life and is extremely ashamed of having the head of an 'ass'. Bottom's friends promise not to speak of what happened and continue to rehearse the play. This is the last act of the play and goes on as follows. Hippolyta and Theseus have heard about what happened between the four lovers and how their relationships have turned out now. They have all gotten married and now the duke wishes to have a celebration in honour of their weddings. A man by the name of Philostrate is the one who listed out all the performances to the duke only to be denied every time. Finally, they settle on the workmen's play claiming it to be entertaining although no very professional. Philostrate tells the duke that these workmen are amateurs in theatre and that people will be laughing at the play rather than with the play. However, Theseus insists that his is the play he wants to see. Theseus appreciates people who attempt to make speeches although some may fail to do so as they suffer from stage fright. Although, the play begins with Quince doing a poorly punctuated prologue, Theseus still appreciates him for trying. The prologue explains who is playing what in the play and the duke and dutchess are discussing their opinions on the prologue. The duke and dutchess continue to comment on the play as Snout plays and wall between Pyramus and Thisby who profess their love through the wall. Throughout the play, every charater explain that they are only just acting and who their character is whilst the audience carry on making comments on their performances. After Pyramus and Thisby both die in the play of Pyramus and Thisby, Bottom ends the play with an epilogue. Theseus orders for the to be a celebratory dance and since it is getting late, the duke orders for everyone to go to bed and prepare for a fortnight of celebration. When the mortals have left, Puck enters and the spirits begin their dance. Oberon and Titania dance in the palace hoping that all the newly-weds will be happy and safe. The fairies dance throughout the night until daybreak. To conclude the Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck ends with an epilogue telling us all that we have been dreaming and wishes us all a goodnight. Famous Shakespeare Quotes "To be or not to be, that is the question"

-Hamlet "The course of true love never did run smooth"

- Romeo and Juliet "Lord what fools these mortals be"

-Midsummer Night's Dream Egeus Theseus Hippolyta Hermia Egeus asks Theseus to persuade Hermia to marry Lysander Theseus is the duke of Athens. Engaged to Hippolyta Engaged to Theseus as the dutchess Father of Egeus is Hermia's father Asks help of Loves Lysander Is in love with Hermia Does not allow
Hermia to wed him Engaged Helena Friends Demetrius Rivals Loves loves Treated badly and is deeply in love with Demetrius Egeus' choice as Hermia's husband Oberon Puck A troublesome fairy who works for Oberon The king of the fairies Titania Married to Oberon.
The fairy queen Nick Bottom Philostrate Peter Quince Workmen Snug, Francis Flute, Tom Snout and Robin Starveling The man who wrote 'Pyramus and Thisby' Plays Pyramus Loves because of love juice Anoints with love juice Works for Married to Have parts in the play 'Pyramus and Thisby' Organised the wedding party Titania's Fairies Peaseblossom, Moth, Mustardseed and Cobweb Works for Anoints with love juice Night Dream - the middle of summer
- a relaxing time
- where many things can blossom
- everyone is just quite carefree
- so hot - dark
- mysterious
- sleeping
- moon and stars
- dream - Nightmare
- Fantasy
- inception
- surreal 1. Egeus
2. Hermia
3. Helena
4. Lysander
5. Demetrius
6. Oberon
7. Titania 8. Puck
9. Athens
10. comedy
11. marriage
12. fairies A right mix-up Egeus - noblemen of Athens Who am I? Hermia - daughter of Egeus, in love with Lysander Helena - Hermia's friend, in love with Demetrius Lysander - in love with Hermia but forbidden to marry her Dear Aunt Agony,

Please help! I have a really terrible problem. I am in love with a wonderful man called Lysander but my dad won't let me marry him. He wants me to marry Demetrius.

I think Demetrius is a handsome man but he is not right man for me. My dad told the Duke about it and the Duke said that I should listen to my dad and marry Demetrius. I feel absolutely lost not know who should chose. I am stuck between two thoughts - one to obey my father like I am supposed to or to follow my heart and marry my true love, Lysander.

I think the law about fathers choosing husbands for their daughter is really unfair and should be ebolished. If I were a parent, I would want my children to follow their hearts and go for what they love because I want them to be happy.

Please help me,
A very confused Hermia. Oh , woe is me? Hermia's Diary - Part 2 Dear diary,

I am very upset! I woke up to find that Lysander was gone from my side. I was completely and utterly alone in woods. Initially, I was the one who said that I wanted to take a rest in the woods so we decided to just lay down on the spot. I cannot believe that just left me there alone! He was sleeping farther away from me because I wanted to be sure that he wouldn't do anything to me in my sleep and to sleep in peace but I still want him at my side! Does he not know how dangerous the woods could be! He is there to protect me not to leave me alone in the woods, we are supposed to be together! After all, it was partly his idea to get married away from Athens. He cannot just ditch me in the middle of nowhere. I went to look for him all over the forest. Finally, I found him and you don;t even need to get me started about what he was doing when I found him. He was declaring his love for Helena! At first I thought he was mocking Helena but I heard the honesty in his voice and I could recognise it because that was the way he declared his love for me. I am utterly shocked because that means everything he said to me has been a lie. Does he not know that I have feelings and that he is truly the man I love? Yet, he chooses to betray me and act as if I am nobody to him. As a matter of fact, I isn't entirely Lysander's fault, I mean Helena had no need to come and steal him away from me either. I thought she was still in love with Demetrius! I trusted Lysander and Helena for so long and now they chose to betray be together! I have never been so disappointed in my friends and now I just feel so alone that the two of my closest friends are just ignoring me completely because they are so in love with each other all of a sudden. http://www.classtools.net/fb/67/je5haJ Fakebook - Character Relationships
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