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Video game consoles presentation

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jonathan montoya

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Video game consoles presentation

gaming consoles presentation Atari came out in june 27, 1992 its original designs it was just simple it had a stick an a button as the controller. And had a little console it was connected to.It was invented by nolan bushnell and Ted badney The ATARI The NES nintendo console came out in October 18, 1985. The system had cassets that you had to insert in order to play. Had its controller as a rectanguler shape and had more buttons.The inventor was Masayuki Uemura. The NES The Playstation The Playstation was released in December 3, 1994. And had a smaller console and more comfortable controller. And took cd's to play.The inventor was Ken kutaragi The Nintendo 64 The Nintendo 64 came out in June 1996. Its controller was in a T-shape and still had cassets because it wasn't from SONY. The conolse could be different colors and transparent.It was invented by James H Clark The Playstation 2 came out in March 4 year 2000 and it had a bigger hardrive the the ps1 and the console was bigger and they had little usb ports for saving data.It was invented by sony entertaiment. The Playstation 2 xbox THE XBOX CAME OUT IN NOVEMBER 15 2001 AND IT WAS A BIG CONSOLE AND IT HAD INNERCOLERS INSIDE THE XBOX. ITS CONTROLER WAS MORE OF A FAT T SHAPE FORE COMFORT AND IT HAD CDS.The creator was Seamus Blackley. PSP the psp is a handheld console it has wireless internet built in it wifi the games that you put inside of it its very smal and it has a screen protector. the psp is portable and you can play games and listen to music at the same time the release date was march 24, 2005. The inventor was Jose Villeta. wii the wii release date was november 19, 2006 the console was smaller and it has a wireless remote that it enables u to controll the character in the game the console is very small it has built in wifi u can use internet on it. The creator was Shigeru Miyamoto. Xbox 360 The release date was in november 22, 2005 the xbox 360 has built in wifi and xbox life which enables you to play online with other people it has a wireless controller which is powered by batteries the console has built in apps like netflix facebook, youtube, espn, hbo ect. Playstation 3 The playstation 3 was released in noveber 11, 2006. And came with a bluray dvd player inside and free wifi. The console was a simple design and the controller was wireless and could be charged by being connected.The creator was sony.
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