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Washing Ethiopian White - Ad. Analysis

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Tasnim Salhi

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Washing Ethiopian White - Ad. Analysis

Washing Ethiopian white Advertisment
-Historical Facts about the advertisement
>It was published in the 19th century (1884)

>In the Victorian age &

>The time of industrial revolution
Black People During the industrial revolution
>They used to be slaves , but slavery was abolished before this ad. was published .

>Pears soap is Brand mark in today's market , and it is highly demanded .

>Works for what mass culture wants

From an Aesopian Fable to A Soap Ad.
Washing Ethiopian white
The story of a black man ( slave ) being washed by his master to become white

"whats bred in bone will never come out of the flesh "
Why then to use a black person in a soap advertisment ?
To Attract attention
"I have found pears soap matchless for the hands and
complexion "

"By Special Appointment to the prince of wales
For the Complexion
Sold everywhere



Target audeince ?
> The characters how do they attarct attention ?

> White , black or ( both ) ?

>Need driven , Outer driven , or inner driven ?

> The words are they appealing ?

Is it considered Racisit ?
Is it provocative
Considers the black race uncivilized
In the 19th century it wasn't

Because black people used to be slaves and inferior - and its normalized for the white , for you can't change what had been planted in their minds !

In the 21st century it is highly racist , and develop attitudes of hatred towards the product !
Emphasize on the theme of complexion - miracle doer !

Pure :
Purity and cleanliness
Reviews by people - a way to :

Talk to passive minds

> Make them believe it from the approval of the prince

> Prince >> allowing racism !

> White : National pride - noboday will reach their level of cleanliness - they are the best
Action - Picture - Not the product
>The white washing up the Black !

>Reversed and who is the slave this time ?

-Creates a new culture or validates an existing one ?

> Validates the exisiting ,
by normalising the black inferirorty !

-If this Ad. is published for today's culture would it be successful ?

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Cultural Studies
By : Tasnim Salhi
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