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SEWM Tender

SEWM Tender - Friday 26th March 2010

Anthony Magee

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of SEWM Tender

SEWM Project the: Overview clearly defined in the BID Four Phases one
four Bringing the Ideas together and Whats Working Presenting the research and the key ideas to progress Researching the Key Findings 'Viability' the: Schedule Who What When All in a Handy Handout 4 Heads: are better than One Martin Mark Anthony MEL 25 Years Business and Commercial Experience
75% traded SocEnt project lead Networking
Partnerships in Social Enterprise
Innovative initiatives and project collaboration within HE project officer Commercial Research Experience
Access to Mintel/Key Note Research Database
Coventry University Enterprise Contacts
Experience of commercial reporting research co-ordinator Diligent and Methodical Researcher
Extensive Market Research experience
Commercial Research Validation Primary researcher RISKS & milestones thinking outloud How are other membership models sustainable? FSB, CComm, BACP, RSA How do we capitalise
on the tacit knowledge strengths of SEWM? Who would the market be?
What would private businesses buy?
Who are the competitors?
What challenges separate innovation from sustainable ideas I was thinking... and another thing... could SEWM create a
'Socent' HUB? Its working in other sectors: Let out workspace
Franchisee of Pack-It? Conferences/Events/training Cafe? ConceptConf presentation...done journey...yet to come the time...truly is now Presenting the finished plan
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