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Vidal Sassoon

No description

Taylor Gorman

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon
the beginning
January 17, 1929 , Vidal Sassoon was born to his Greek father named Jack Sassoon along with his mother named Betty who was Ukrainian-British in Shepherds Bus, London. His father left home when Vidal was the just the age of five where him and his brother were sent to a jewish orphanage to wait six years until his mother was able to afford to take care of them again. He was 14 when his mother envisioned him in a barber shop which lead to her taking him to Cohen's Beauty & Barber shop were he apprenticed Cohen. Vidal grew tired of hair cutting when he found street fights much more enticing then working in a salon , which eventually lead him to joining and fighting for the Israel Defense Forces in 1948. When he returned from the war to London and not having any other trades he picked back up scissors. Vidal bounced around from salon shop to shop and picked up on many trades from different stylist until 1954 where he opened up his own salon at 108 New Bond Street.
"Sassoon’s aim was merely to “get rid of the superfluous ,the teased, sprayed, and lacquered bouffants and ringlets that perched on top of women’s heads like ornamental wigs. But in devising his architectural styles that fell into place with just a toss of the head, he led a change that was not only aesthetic—it was cultural, economic, and even political. Sassoon emancipated women from the burden of their weekly appointments at the salon, where they would sit under massive hood dryers until their ’dos had set. He altered their daily routines, giving them an independence from time-consuming maintenance before the mirror. He offered them a look that wasn’t just a mimicking of movie stars or a way to please their husbands—it was for them."

Sassoon had another break when he cut designer Mary Quant hair in which she insisted that she cut of the models for her soon to come fashion show. In which lead him to a creative streak between 1963 and 1967 where he developed many different hairstyles.
The Five Point
Asymmetrical Bob
Greek Goddess
Nancy Kwan
Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye.

Sassoon's salons grew very quickly spreading to New York and within a few years took a turn and spread world wide. In the 1970's he went about opening up his own training academies. Vidal had created a new model for worldwide hairstylist. In which doing this many have thought that he has paved the route for todays style stars like Paul Mitchell, Garren, Frederic Fekkai, And John Frieda.

Vidal Sassoon has accomplished many things including his own movie , His own hair care products that are sold at any local stores .
If you get hold of a head of hair on somebody you've never seen before, cut beautiful shapes, cut beautiful architectural angles and she walks out looking so different - I think that's masterful.
Unfortunately in 2009 Vidal Sassoon Was diagnosed with Leukaemia it was not made known publicly until 2011 and A year later on May 9th he died Los Angeles.
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