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Technology in the Classroom

No description

Julia Conti

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of Technology in the Classroom

Technology Use in the Classroom
By Julia Conti
To improve their learning experiences, students should be able to utilize technology in the classroom
Teachers enable their students to
broaden their perspectives
by allowing them to use the
many resources
available on the internet to
aid their learning process
Technology can help students be
better prepared for a career in the future
. Students learn how to use word processor, make presentations, and spreadsheets, which can help them in the future.
Technology can help
level out learning within the classroom
because not all students learn at the same pace or in the same ways.
There are school oriented websites that allow students to
share their responses
with their classmates and teachers and be able to
receive feedback
. They can also have
discussions with their classmates
about topics talked about in class.
By being able to use technology in the classroom, students can
present their information in creative ways
Students are constantly surrounded by technology so they can access their work at
any place
any time
In classes such as social studies, students can use the internet to access a
variety of information
on a certain topic or event. They can find
primary sources
such as newspapers, photos, journals, and interviews.
Technology allows students to
direct their own learning
and become an
active within their classrooms
Technology gives students a
large platform of resources
conduct research
for class.
Using technology in classrooms can
help teachers individualize guidance and information to students
Teachers can use it to help
provide adjustments for students who are struggling
and to send out individual lesson plans.
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Toulmin Reasoning Graph
Technology gives people access to more information
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