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Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius Syndrome

(TAR) Syndrome

Ashley Roberson

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius Syndrome

By: Ashley Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius Syndrome Basic Definition How this is passed genetically. How your life is changed through
having TAR Syndrome Cures? Treatments TAR Syndrome- a rare disorder involving the absent of the radius bone in the forearm, and a dramaticuly reduced count of blood platelets. TAR Syndrome is passed through a mutation on chromosome 1. There are two major types of treatments. The most commonly know one is platelet tranfussions, and surgery aimed at " normalizing" the appearance of the arm, which is much shorter and clubbed. There arent any cures , but after the first year of birth the disorder usually subsides and lessens, brusises and the raising of blood platelets becomes normal again. After one year life begins to normal out with blood platelets almost rising to normal.
For some people this may affect the heart and kidneys.
TAR Syndrome also has an affect on the underdevelopment of arms and legs.
TAR Sydrome may also affect a person facial featurse, with a small lower jaw, a prominent forehead, and lower set ears.
About 50% are allergic to cows milk and make the disorder worse when drinking it.
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