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Samsung SGR-A1

No description

Garrett Davis

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Samsung SGR-A1

The Robot is programmed to use Infa Red cameras with motion detectors in the "eyes", which can sense the sudden movement of an object with a heat signature up to 2.5 miles away and track it with the gun sights. It uses a range finding device to determine what degree of elevation and windage to aim the sights at, to make up for gravity and wind affecting the bullet's trajectory. It is also programmed to hold it's fire until guard in a control room Identifies the target and confirms it is an enemy.
The Samsung SGR- A1 isn't the new cell phone hitting the market, not by a long shot. (Pun Intended.) No, the Samsung SGR-A1 is a South Korean defense robot that's job is to protect the Demilitarized zone between South Korea and North Korea. It is equipped with a 5.56mm Machine gun that fires rubber bullets up to 2.5 miles away, deterring intruders. This robot is meant to replace the armed guards that patrol the borders, who often tire of pacing back and forth for hours and watching the same old scenery. It also replaces the need for wages, insurance, health care and all other union rules for live workers.
The Samsung SGR-A1's purpose on the earth is to protect the Demilitarized zone and/or the South Korean border. It deters potential North Korean terrorists or spies from border hopping, as a camera affixed to the frame sends the images to a control room, where guards give the signal or not to shoot at them. It has freedom in a base joint to rotate horizontally, an elevation controller on the mounted Daewoo K-3 squad- auto machine gun, and a swivel mounted surveillance device to ID the target with.
The Robot
Unfortunately, the Samsung SGR-A1 is'nt COMPLETELY flawless. It has drawbacks, such as the fact that, even though it is cheaper than human labor, it takes away guard jobs at the Demilitarized Zone in South Korea. But, I'm sure South Korea will come up with a top secret military weapon that needs 24/7 human gaurds, so they probably won't have a job shortage anytime soon. Also, the robot cannot move along the perimeter, as it is stationary. This would be a disadvantage because there would need to be several robots strategically placed along the border, which would increase cost.
Remember How I was talking earlier about the robot's inability to traverse along the perimeter of the South Korean Border? Well, that has it's advantages, too. The stationary, black painted robot will be extremely difficult to identify at night from the distance, unless one possesses a set of military grade night vision goggles, so it moving may give up it's location to enemies who could damage it or quickly hide from view. Also, having many robots would increase the job demand for military robots to gaurd an entire border, which would create new jobs making the robots as well as replacement parts and maintenance work on them.
Samsung SGR-A1
Effects On Society
The Samsung SGR-A1 will defend South Korean citizens from potential North Korean terrorists, spies, disgruntled smart phone users, etc. The robot will also make North Korean invaders think twice about invading the country, since there are sniper robots defending the border. In defending South Korea, it will be protecting the people who design some of the most productive devices and objects such as it's own manufacturer, Samsung, who design some of the most innovative communication and entertainment technology including the robot itself.
Ecomomic Benefits
The Samsung SGR-A1 can also create more jobs than it replaces, since it requires production of replacement parts and constant maintenance, as well as the manufacture of it's specialized rubber ammunition and the robot itself. In Fact, these robots sell for $200,000 apiece, so manufacturing them produces a lot of profit.
Future Uses
The SGR-A1 may be altered in the future to patrol other borders, or even as an airport security bot. Some future versions maybe equipped with a fully automatic 40mm Grenade launcher that would fire non- lethal rounds such as tear gas, flash grenades, or pepper spray bombs. This version would be ideal for riot control, especially when paired with rubber bullets.
SK Military Demonstration video
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