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The Village

Yea yea ya get in the car

Shelby Deacon

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of The Village

The Village
Character analysis
By: Danny, KarLee, Riley, Shelby & Spencer
By: M.Night Shymalan
Those We Don't Speak Of
19th-century Pennsylvania village Covington is confined from the rest of the world by the woods surrounding them that is off limits. Previous years ago the Elder's and the creatures met an agreement that they would not cross eachothers terrtiory.

After losing an Elder's son to an untreatable ilness, a villager Lucius Hunt requests to leave the small town in order to search for medicines and other treatments that could avoid future sicknesses. His request was denied but Lucius doesn't listen and wanders into the woods. The creatures find out and cross into the village to cause a fray. It gets worse and worse to the point the creatures start to kill the villagers...
There are 4 main
types of conflicts
All 4 conflicts happen at one time or another in the movie, as well as in the Chrysalids.
Man vs Man
This type of conflict happens in the Chrysalids between David and Joseph Strorm. This type of conflict happens because David keeps Sophie's deviation a secret.
This type of conflict happens in The Village between Lucious and Noah. Both characters were fighting for the love of their lives, Ivy. In the end, Ivy falls for Lucius, and in revenge Noah stabs Lucius.
Joseph Strorm - Edward Walker
Noah - Sofie
David Strorm and his family live in a inclosed part of the world. The town they live in is Waknuk. His Dad Joseph, the leader of Waknuk, is a strong believer in the image of god and destroys anything that God does not believe is pure or banishes them to the Fringes.
Ivy Walker - David Strorm
Man vs Society
This conflict appears in The Chrysalids between David and The Religion. This happens because in the "image of God" each person has 5 toes, 5 fingers, etc... As most humans are born that way, once you have a visual defect, you are ejected from Waknuk into the Fringes. Some people in the town were born with no visual defect, but they have telepathic abilities. Since you cannot see this, they are granted a cetificate of normalcy. Later in the book, Joseph Strorm finds out about David and his group of telepathic friends, and sends out a search party. Joseph Strorm is afraid of them since you can't tell they are different, so he has no control over how many deviations there are in Waknuk. Two girls got beaten, and forced to tell where the rest of the group was. Michael joined the search party, and would tell David, Petra, and Rosalind which way they were headed so they could run further away.
Edward Walker, the father of Ivy Walker, is a man of very firm beliefs. He is a well known man to the village, and controls most of what happens and what doesn't happen. Throughout The Chrysalids, Joseph Strorm shows many of the same characteristics: he is the leader of all who inhabit Waknuk and has responsabilities such as he chooses what happens to the blasphemies and/or the deviations. Although, they also have a few differences, for example: Edward let his daughter do what she wanted and believed in by going through the forest to try and get medication from the outside world for Lucious. But if David were to ask Joseph for permission to go to the Fringes or anywhere other then Waknuk he would be punished severly such as when he wished for a 3rd hand to make things easier.
This conflict happens in The Village when Lucious gets stabbed and they don't have the proper medication to treat him. Since the elders were trying to isolate The Village from the outside world, when Lucious gets stabbed they are not able to treat him properly. Therefore, Ivy has to go into the forest and stay cautious of "those we don't speak of," so she can save the love of her life.
Man vs Nature
Rising Action
This happens in The Chrysalids between the radiation and Waknuk. This type of conflict effects Waknuk since the people are trying to control the way the world is changing because they think it's protecting them.
This happens in the VIllage between Ivy and the problems she encounters while travelling across the forest. Ivy encounters sinkholes, uprooted trees, and very vile weather conditions. Overcoming all of these, Ivy makes her way to the outside town and back safely.
David adventures and finds Sophie, she hurts herself and he reveals that she is a blasphemy when helping her. He continues to her house and meets her family, he realizes that he can't tell anyone about Sophie. Alan rats on Sophie and David. David is beat by his Dad, for wishing he had an extra hand, and keeping Sophie's secret unknown. Sophie is banished, this makes David and his group nervous as they are also Deviations. Anne marries Alan, dispite the group not wanting her to because he told everyone about Sophie which got her banished. Uncle Axel is forced to kill Alan because of his love for David and wanting to protect him. Anne is furious and eventually kills herself.
Man vs Self
This occurs in The Chrysalids when David finds himself in an endless battle. David is unsure if he should keep his telepathy a secret like Uncle Axle warned him too, or if he should run away to the Fringes so he can live a life without anymore worrying. David does not want to live in a society where they will not accept him for who he is, or the telepathic ability in which he had no control over. Waknuk is trying to stop the change of the world. As the radiation gets less, and less every year, the plants start becoming healthier and less deviational. Once the Sealander woman rescues them, and they are flying to Sealand David thinks back and realizes that Waknuk is an unorthodox village.
This conflict is very apparent in the movie The Village. Ivy faces many different obstacles because of her visual disability. Ivy faces many mental breakdowns, and almost convinces herself that the travel is not worth the trouble it is bringing to her. When Ivy falls into the sink hole, while trying to escape "those we don't speak of", she start walking back towards Covington. Ivy realizes if she does not get the medication Lucius will die, so she continues on the path to the outside town. Ivy then runs into an uprooted tree, as she dropped her walking stick in the sinkhole. When Ivy is back on her feet she starts walking only to smell "those we don't speak of." In this scene Ivy shows she is able to overcome anything, despite her visual impairment.
Man vs Man
Man vs Society
Man vs Nature
Man vs Self
Ivy lives in Covington, Pennsylvania. This village is unknown to the outsiders as it is in the middle of a field, that is surrounded by deep woodlands. The village has developed a truce with the forest and its creatures to never cross into each others land. The color red resembles these creatures, and is not to be seen in Covington.
The setting is taken place in a small village called Covington. It is placed in an open field and that is surrounded by thick forest.
Rising Action
Lucious asks the comitee to enter the forest and retrieve medicine for the village. He is not granted access but goes a few steps into the forest anyways which provokes those "we don't speak of" and they enter to leave warnings around the village. Lucious takes care of Ivy throughout the scare and has for a long time. They confess their love for eachother. In a search for Noah, the village is out and about. Ivy goes to Lucious only to find him nearly dead, she also finds Noah losing his mind over the blood on his hands. Noah is imprissonned.
The setting is taken place in a village called Waknuk, surrounded by deep woodland.
At the beginning of The Chrysalids, Sofie is the first deviation that David encounters; he found out about her sixth toe When her foot gets stuck between two rocks and she had to remove her shoe. To David, she was just another normal person until he figured out about the deviation. When Joseph finds out, she is immediately sent to the Fringes for her deformity. Although in the village the situation is very different, Noah has a mental dissability that makes him a unique character in their village, his dissability means he would need more attention and is set completly out of there "norm" like in The Chrysalids, yet nobody judges him for who he is as a person and everyone helps and appreciates him as a whole.
David Strorm in The Chrysalids did everything he could including risking his life to save the telepathic blasphemies including himself, Petra and Rosaline by fleeing Waknuk on horses when they realized that some of the things his father believed in doing wasn't the right thing to do. Sooner then later they would have been sent to the Fringes especially with the most recent event when the man who seen them running to save Petra had his suspitions and spoke to Joseph. This act of kindness coming from David is very similiar to Ivy risking her life by going out into the sourrounding forest were the people they do not speak of live, with the expectations of the people of the village keeping out of there forest. All for the sole reason to get the medication Lucious needed for his stab wound.
In The Chrysalids, the blasphemies are located in the forest that surrounds the town.
This is a similarity because it frightens the villagers to stay out of the forests.
Petra calls the group for help, but the sourounding people decide there was no way they couldnt hear her calls and become curious. Petra recieves calls from far away saying they will come and save her to be with people like her. David, Rosalind and Petra are froced to run but are soon pursued by Waknuk search parties, Sally and Katherine are captured because of the curious people turning them and the group in. Katherine is tortured until the 2 girls give information. Michael who is apart of the group, joins the search party and leaves his love Rachel who is safe at home (and is apart of the group) to misguide the party. The 3 runaways stumble into the Fringes, they meet up with Spidey man and the leaders. David and Rosalind can also talk to the Sealand women now that they are in range. The meeting doesn't end well as the 2 girls are held prisoners, and David is beaten and thrown out of the Fringes uncounsious. David wakes up and Sophie is dragging him back, Sophie rescuses the 2 girls heroicly. Sophie who is in love with Gordon the Spidey man hides them in a cave for 3 days to protect them from the oncomming Search from Waknuk and the Fringes, the Sealanders are getting very close. While searching for David the 2 sides (Waknuk and the Fringes) get into a big battle and eventually Gordon shoots Joseph to death. Gordon and Sophie run away together only to be shot dead.
In The Village, the people we don't speak of are located in the forest that surrounds the town.
These are both similar since it's the individual(s) against the opinions of others.

These are different because in the movie The Village, Noah who would be considered a deviation; is accepted by the villagers. In the Chrysalids, deviations are not accepted, even if it is a mental disability. The town people believe anything that is not the "norm" is sent from the devil.

In The Chrysalids:
the town uses horses and carts to travel around, still live on farms and grow their own crops.
In The Village: they wear clothing from the 1800, no electricity and to wash dishes they use the well.
This is a similarity because it shows that both towns havent modernized yet
The Chrysalids
Their village is occupied with farm land.
Falling Action
Suddenly the battle stops and everyone stares at a Hovercraft in aw, a web substance of some sort is layed down and the people are all paralyzed. The wind takes the web into the cave and paralyzed David. Eventually Michael and the woman from Sealand take the webs off of: David, Rosalind, Petra, and Sophie. Michael begs the women to go to Waknuk and get Rachel but she refuses, Michael decides he needs to get back to Rachel instead of leaving for Sealand.
On the out skirts of town, just before the Fringes, there's a big sand hill; where David and Sophie met.
Ivy is determined to keep her love Lucious alive. Her father the leader of the eldest actually helps her in her quest outside of the village and into the forest. He explains to her that there is no red creature, he is just used to keep everyone out of the forest, and that she must be brave and follow the stream. He sends 2 other men with Ivy on her quest. They dont last long and leave Ivy by herself. Ivy falls into a whole but quickly pulls herself out. She sees the red monster, and starts running wildly, but she returns infront of the whole and tricks the monster into falling all the way into the whole to die. Noah is the red creature, as he escaped prison from the floor and found that red suit to.He planned on scaring Ivy out of the forest, but his plan did not go as he intended. Ivy is now on her own and runs on the path where her farther told her too, she runs into a wall and climbs it out of the forest.
There's a river near by, where Aunt Harriet was found and Petra sent help thoughts.
The Village
The village is filled, with little houses, that are despersed; around the field.
It's a protected area that is surrounded by wired fencing; to be enclosed to the outside world.
In the future
19th century
Lucius - Rosalind
Throughout the entirety of the village, Lucious is Ivy (the main character)'s male companion that she is very close too. When he is stabbed by Noah, she immediately does what Lucious planned on doing in the first place, by going to the outside world to get medication, which would be against the villages rules of going into the forest. Rosaline in The Chrysalids is David's cousin and afterwards lover, they have a very strong relationship and endured lots together. Rosaline does all she can to ensure that nobody learns about David's deviation and also embarks on the journey to the Fringes to escape with David from his father, and the search crew after they were informed about the group of telepaths. This relationship is much like Lucious and Ivys relationship in several ways.
These are similar since both characters have a problem/disability, that they have no control or power over.

These are different because they have different motivations, David does it for his self, as Ivy does it for an act of true love.
Houses with big field in each backyard
Little shacks, scattered around 1 big open field.
In The Chrysalids:
David, Sophie and Petra, board the helicopter and in the midst, they see Sealand. David recognizes it exactly from his dreams,
In The Village:
Ivy must exit her village and enter the real world to get medication for Lucius
This is a similarity because it represents that both towns are isolated from the real world.
Based in Labrador
Based in Pennsylvania
They refuse to see any red plants
They don't allow any crops that aren't 100% healthy
Falling Action
Ivy gets to the other side of the wall, she is greeted by a Ranger in the middle of nowhere it seems. He is protecting the perimeter of the wildlife reserve, the two talk briefly and she hands him a paper full of the medicine she needs. The Ranger goes inside a shaq to his boss, and sneaks the meds she needs. Ivy thanks the man and then returns over the wall and returns to the village.
Michael begins to return home, and the Craft is in the air flying towards Sealand. Petra is excited to see the city. The Sealand people explain some things but David is not interested as his dreams are all coming true as they approach the beautiful city.
Ivy hurries back to the Village, word spreads to the elder's that she returned and killed one of the monsters. The elders know that it was Noah, but tell everyone the creatures killed him. This helps because it will keep everyone believing in the monsters. The elder's vote on staying in the village. Ivy returns to Lucious and begins to help.
Our group is going to compare the novel "The Chrysalids" by John Wyndam with the feature film "The Village" by M. Night Shyamalan. The Chrysalids is situated in a post-apocalyptic world hundreds of years after an unspecified disaster, known as Tribulation. The Village is a community that lives with the frightening knowledge that a race of creatures that have settled in the woods around them.
The film "The Village" and the novel "The Chrysalids are comparable in many ways but also have very components as well.
- Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Self, and Man vs. Society appear in both stories
- Setting is in a small village in both stories.
-Both main characters are very simliar in wanting to help others in their community.
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